Health is Wealth (English Simple Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

“Wealth is of little use if we do not have the health to enjoy it.”

We all know how important health is. But we do not do for our health as much as we should. First let us discuss good health. A person in good health feels strong and happy. He likes to move and act. He wants to eat, laugh and sleep. He goes for a walk or runs in a light mood. He enjoys his work whether it is physical or mental. He takes interest in life and all its activities.

So health is the wealth of our life. We go on spending it as we like. Wealth without health is of no use. We can see some very rich people in poor health with lots of facilities, buildings, servants and vehicles. They have very much of money. But they cannot enjoy life. They cannot walk at ease or run freely. They cannot enjoy eating the best of foods. They can wear the most fashionable and expensive clothes. They can have the most perfect houses and gardens. But they are unable to enjoy the pleasures of life. The joys of gardens and parks, canals and rivers, mountains and valleys, rivers and seas, waterfalls and lakes are beyond their reach.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The greatest wealth of a person in this world is health. He tries to do the impossible if he is healthy. He cannot even do the possible if he is sick or in ill health.

How can we become strong in body to enjoy the wealth of health?

Firstly, we should eat simple and pure food. The water we take should be clean and free of germs and bacteria. We should try to eat fresh, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. We should avoid chillies, rich food, over-eating and smoking. Daily regular exercise like a long, brisk (quick) walk or running, swimming or playing an outdoor game is very important.

We should try to rise early for prayer and walk in the fresh air. We should try to go to bed early at night, but at least one or two hours after having supper or dinner. Some physical activity after the night meal like walking to some distance will bring comfortable sleep. It is sleep, activity and work that keep us fit. Finally, peace of mind and satisfaction of the heart are necessary to live healthily, happily and usefully. We enjoy our health to the utmost when we are free of worries and are inwardly satisfied. We should, therefore, be close to our religion, say our prayers, speak the truth and work hard honestly as students and citizens. Then we shall be keeping fine health. Good mental or inner health, combined with physical health, turns this world into heaven.

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