F.A F.Sc 1st Year English Notes

Level: F.A / F.Sc
Class: Part I
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: English
Total Units (Book I): 15 Short Stories
Total Units (Book III): 3 Plays + 20 Poems
Type: Helping Notes

F.Sc (Class XI or HSSC-I) English helping notes according to a new pattern of all boards of Punjab in which Bahawalpur, D.G Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Mirpur (Azad Kashmir) and Federal Board are included. It has been published by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Government of Punjab. This book has the following chapters in it.

Book I (Short Stories)

Lessons # TITLES.Q
1Button , ButtonView
2Clearing in the Sky View
3Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed View
4Thank You, M’m View
5The Piece of String View
6The Reward View
7The Use of Force View
8The Gulistan of Sa’di View
9The Foolish Quack View
10A Mild Attack of Locusts View
11I Have a Dream View
12The Gift of the Magi View
13God be Praised View
14Overcoat View
15The Angel and the Author & Others View

Its authors are:

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  • Bashir Ahmed Chaudhry
  • Qazi Sajjad Ahmed
  • Mrs. Shahida Rasul
  • Safdir Hussain

Book III (Plays & Poems)

Plays # TITLESummary & S.Q
1Heat Lightening View
2A Visit to a Small Planet View
3The Oyster and the Pearl View
1The RainView
2Night Mail View
3Loveliest of Trees, The Cherry Now View
4O Where Are You Going? View
5In the Street of the Fruit Stalls View
6A Sindhi Woman View
7Times View
8Ozymandias View
9The Feed View
10The Hollow Men View
11Leisure View
12Ruba’iyat View
13A Tale of Two Cities View
14My Neighbour Friend Breathing His Last! View
15He Came to Know Himself View
16God’s Attribution View
17The Delight Song View
18Love – An Essence of All Religions View
19A Man of Words and Not of Deads View
20In Broken Images View

Its authors are:

  • Bashir Ahmed Chaudhry
  • Qazi Sajjad Ahmed
  • Rafiq Mahmood
  • Mian Mohammad Afzal
  • Razzi Abidi
  • Shahid Imtiaz

Important Letters

Letter to younger brother to inquire about his new schoolView
Letter to father about new motor bike you have bought View
Letter to father about the co-curricular activities in college View
Letter to sister about taking part in the quiz competition in college View
Letter to sister to take part in speech contest in her college View
Letter to friend about your impression of the college teachers View
Letter to younger brother advising him to take part in games View
Letter to your mother telling her why you dislike hostel life View
Letter to Editor About the Protection of Wildlife View
Letter to father asking him for some money View
Letter to your friend asking him/her to lend you camera View
Letter to a friend stating your first impression of the college View
Letter to father telling him about your mother’s illness View
Letter to a friend sympathizing with him on his failure in F.Sc View
Letter to a friend about the profession you want to adopt View
Letter to editor about Unemployment in our Country View
Write a Letter to the Editor About Smoking View
Letter to your younger brother to give up smoking View

Important Moral Stories

Dog and His ReflectionView
The Farmer and his Lazy Sons View
The Wolf and the Lamb View
He who digs a pit for others falls himself into it View
The King and The Spider View
The Fox and the Goat View
The Milkmaid and her Pail View
A Wealthy Merchant View
A Farmer and his Donkey View
A Clever Bat View
The Farmer and his Sons View
A Foolish Stag View
A Thirsty Crow View
Three Friends and a Bag of Ornaments View
The Jackal and the Camel View
The Slave and the Lion View
An honest woodcutter View
Kindness never goes unrewarded View

Important Applications

Application to the principal requesting him to grant you sick leaveView
Application to the principal, requesting to change your section View
Application to the principal reporting about the theft of your bicycle View
An application to the principal apologizing for your misconduct in the class View
Application to the principal requesting to remit your library fine View
Application to the principal requesting for financial assistance View
Application to the principal permitting you to change your subjects View
Application to the principal for re-admission of your name View
Application to the principal for granting you character certificate View
Application to the principal for attending the wedding ceremony View
An application to the principal requesting to grant fee concession View
Application to the principal for condoning short of lectures View
Application to the principal for college leaving certificate View
Application to the principal to improve medical facilities in college View


How to write a story View
An Introduction to Letter Writing View
Important Pair of Words View

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