Essay on Why Student Fail in Examination

We all know how many students fail in different Board and University examinations each year. Surely, many more fail than the few who gain high positions and divisions, and the majority is of second and third-division holders. The pass percentage of most of the Matriculation, Intermediate, degree and post-graduate examinations ranges between 25 and 50.

First of all, the whole social and economic system or set-up in the country is responsible for the unpreparedness of the majority of our students. Their upbringing, training, and guidance at their homes are such that they are not in the habit of learning their subjects regularly.

Secondly, the activities and engagements of the parents and near relations of our students do not let them watch attend to and guide their sons and daughters studying in different educational institutions. The inattention to their regular studies and activities makes them careless. Thirdly, a great majority of our students do not study seriously and prepare for their examinations devotedly because of the uncertain economic conditions and the uncertain future. They know and feel that the employment opportunities (chances) after the completion of their studies, except in some subjects, are few and far between (very few). Therefore, they do not have any strong incentive (or encouragement) for studies.

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First of all, it is the foremost duty of our government and responsible institutions to inform, educate and, if possible, train the parents of as many of our students as possible. The parents should be informed, through the mass media (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the Internet), about the best ways of leading their children to studies and intellectual progress. The adults then can motivate (create, interest in) their children to study different subjects according to their liking and capacities.

Secondly, the parents should set aside time out of their daily engagements to watch educational and other activities of their children and to guide them if they can. Only through attention to their children can they hope to keep them on the right path.

Thirdly, the government and all responsible institutions in the country should try to create as many job opportunities and situations for the students as possible. For this purpose, new factories and production centers should be opened in all corners of the country. Trade, both national and foreign, should be expanded. The renewed industrial and commercial activity will create jobs for educated and qualified as well as for all manner of uneducated and unskilled workers. In this hopeful situation, students will like to study with effort and will prepare themselves for examinations with care.

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