Essay on Why I Love Pakistan

Essay on Why I Love Pakistan - The College Study
Essay on Why I Love Pakistan – The College Study

“I love the country because it is my own just as my parents and the house I live in are my own.”

Why I love Pakistan essay

I have a great love for my country. This love is for several weighty reasons. First of all, I love my country because I was born here. It is my motherland where I have passed all my life. So it is natural for me to love my country. I have been eating the tasty fruits of my country. My body is strong because I have eaten its wheat and drunk its water. The milk of its animals has given me strength. The air of the country that I have always breathed has kept me alive. The beautiful flowers in bright colors that I smell and observe have provided me with pleasure. The fine trees on the mountains and hills and in the gardens have always pleased me greatly. I love my country because I am a patriot (lover of my country). A person who does not love his country does not deserve to live in it.

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l have got all my education in my country. In her lovable and respectable schools and colleges, la have learned about life and its problems. I have formed high aims about my future in their classrooms. Pakistani teachers, known for their ability, noble ideals, and principles, have taught me

I love all the places where I passed my childhood. The playgrounds are as dear to me as the streets where I jumped and played without any worry. I like the roads along which walked and ran with other children in all the carelessness and dreaminess of childhood. I have lived with other” Pakistanis, and with them, I have studied and worked. My friends are all Pakistanis for whom I can only have feelings of love and respect.

My country is like a small continent. To its south is the sea whose waves strike against a long seacoast. In Karachi, you have a moist climate as it is close to the sea. In the inner parts of Sindh, it is dry and hot as most of it is desert-like. In Balochistan, it is dry and cold. In Punjab, it is neither so hot nor so cold. Parts of the NWFP are like Europe. Murree, Gilgit, Swat, and Azad Kashmir are thoroughly mountainous. I like to move from one part of my dear country to another forgetting the passage of time.

I love the different languages spoken in my country. It is perhaps because the people who speak them are likable and lovable. Their traditional dresses and ways are all very appealing (attractive). How much I like my people when they speak different languages in different kinds of colorful clothes! I love Pakistan because it is an Islamic country. Being a Muslim, I like to live with other Muslims in the country.

I love Pakistan from the heart, and I shall always love it. There is nothing sweeter on earth than my country or thoughts about it. In any case, I like the people, children, and students in my country who belong to other religions. Thus, a Christian, a Parsi, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or a follower of any other religion is dear to me if he is truthful, honest, well-behaved, and, above all, is a patriot (lover of the country) a true Pakistani.

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