Essay on What I do not Like in Life

By | January 7, 2019

I think my likes and dislikes are not so uncommon. But there are some things that I dislike more than others.

Firstly, I dislike telling lies. I think it is better to talk against a person to his face than to lie to him or to misguide him in any way. Our Holy Prophet (may Peace be Upon Him) once said that if everyone started speaking the truth most of our personal and social problems would be solved.

Secondly, I hate (or abhor) bribery and cheating just as I would hate having the most dangerous disease. When we give or get a bribe, we set an example. Others do the same and bribery spreads around. Then those in authority will not easily help a poor person who cannot bribe them. In the same way, cheating others is an evil practice that spreads fast. When, for example, someone cheats a person in business, he may begin cheating other to make good his losses.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thirdly, I hate making a show of one’s wealth, position or power. It is the weakness of most human beings to desire to look rich or important to others. Thus, we find people buying cars that are more expensive and buildings and houses that impress their neighbors. This kind of show (or ostentation) makes many people spend more than they earn.” Thus, we find quite a few people spending on marriages beyond their means and getting into debts. There are government servants who impose their position, not only are they disliked but hated. They become corrupt when they like to collect a lot of money to live in luxury or to buy lands, houses or cars.

Another quality that I hate most is ugliness. I like beauty in everything. Therefore, when anyone makes an ugly picture or sings a song in an ugly way or does anything in an unpleasant manner, I dislike it. However, in human beings, I dislike ugliness of character, not ugliness of the body.

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