Essay on Unrest Among Students

Unrest Among Students Essay – 500 Words

Student unrest is to be seen in many countries of the world today. In almost all the democratic countries, students show at times their unrest through strikes, processions, and demands of different kinds.

We know well there is general social unrest. Most people are unhappy and dissatisfied with their condition. The parents and families of the majority of students are quite dissatisfied because of the dangers of war, rising prices of things of daily use, increase (rise) in crime, and so on. When others in society are dissatisfied before them, students too become so.

There is an economic reason for student unrest. Many students, especially in developing countries like ours, are poor. Their parents cannot easily meet their expenses. When they cannot easily buy good clothes or books they get dissatisfied. They feel all the more dissatisfied when they find students coming of rich families enjoying all the comforts and luxuries (things of comfort and enjoyment).

Another great cause of unrest among students is their interest in active politics. Some of them work for political parties. Students favoring different political parties even openly clash and fight which causes a great deal of unrest.

Bad social and economic conditions are very much responsible for student unrest. For example, large-scale unemployment sets them thinking that their studies and degrees may not very well help them in getting employed. Evils like terrorism, fraud, falsehood, injustice, and inequality upset the minds of the students. Many of our teachers do not enjoy good positions in society, and so become dissatisfied with their profession. Some really able and efficient teachers leave the teaching profession for profession bringing more money.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There is overcrowding in most of our educational institutions. Teachers have to teach very large classes. They cannot pay attention to each student to remove his difficulties.

Harmful films, novels, magazines and pictures about crime and sex have disturbing effects on young minds. Foreign films and publication about crimes like murder and robbery promote criminal ideas and thinking. Films and TV programmes about the artificial (or outward) life of rich and showy people make us uneasy and restless.

Many students do not get chances to play games or enjoy themselves in their free time. This makes them dissatisfied.

There should be quick economic and scientific development. This will increase the incomes of the people. They will be able to provide their children with more educational and other facilities.

Students should learn to live a life of simplicity and hardship. They should be told about their national aims and purposes and the ways of achieving them in all circumstances (conditions).

No political party or leader. should encourage students to take an active part in politics. Parents, teachers and other responsible people should advise students to remain away from politics.

The government and the people should work together to end the social evils of inequality and injustice. Social conditions should be improved. Students should be able to get employed after the completion of their studies.

There should be many more educational institutions to avoid overcrowding. Then there should be really able and efficient teachers, who are paid well for their work.

Unrest Among Students Essay – 600 Words

Student unrest, universal in nature, is not a phenomenon peculiar to our country. All over the world young men in general and students in particular manifest signs of restlessness. Unrest among students in Pakistan is evidenced by the strikes, agitations, processions, demonstrations, gheraos, arson and defiance of authority.

As a matter of fact, it is the unrest in the minds of men that has brought about revolutions in the world and has generated new ideas. As such unrest among students should be welcomed by teachers, parents, and statesmen as it shows a progressive outlook. Hence, there is nothing dangerous about unrest.

However, it is regrettable that the unrest among students has assumed fearful proportions as they have become defiant and disobedient. Sometimes, they go on strike because they have genuine grievances like poor facilities in colleges, insufficient furniture, and equipment in classrooms and laboratories and incompetent staff to teach them.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Sometimes, they go on strike because one of their leaders has been fined for misconduct. Transfer of a particular teacher, detention of students, difficult question papers are the other excuses on which students resort to misbehavior and begin to ventilate their grievances by indulging in rowdyism. They damage college buildings, destroy or hijack buses and even loot shops. Sometimes, they have bruises with the police and when a student or two are injured as a result of police lathi-charge, the unrest assumes more serious proportions and it becomes a statewide affair.

Some educationists are of the view that the unrest among the students is a reflection of the general unrest in the country and the world. As Pakistan is passing through a great change and the old order is changing and the new is taking place, the modern student is an active observer of the changing events. He had expected that the dawn of independence would open up new opportunities for progress in life but he is disillusioned and unhappy to see that the leaders of the country are corrupt, politicians are dishonest and inefficient bureaucrats are thriving while their own future seems to be bleak and this state of affairs leads to student unrest. Some people blame the present education system for breeding unrest among the students. The current education system is aimless and does not provide any spiritual or moral training. Students, after taking degrees, fail to get jobs which leads to frustration.

Also, parents have become indifferent to their children and politicians use the students to further their own vested interests. Students become handy tools whenever the politicians want to protest against a particular policy of the government. Students, being young and volatile, follow the politicians blindly and resort to rampage. This does not, however, mean that students should not be aware of the political developments in the country. But they must remember that their primary duty is to study.

Leaders and educationists should also understand that the problem of student unrest is psychological in character and requires a sympathetic solution. As the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, it is incumbent upon the teachers, parents, and politicians to direct their minds in the right direction. The students’ energies should be channelized in the right direction and they should not be made victims of oppression, suppression, and repression. The leaders of the country should set noble examples of conduct for the students to emulate. Also, they should be provided opportunities for a creative expression of their energy. It is also the duty of the students to discipline themselves and of the government to keep the teachers contented by providing them handsome salaries and better status.

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