Essay on Unfair Means in Examinations

By | January 8, 2019

The use of unfair means in examinations has been on the increase through the government has taken some positive steps, especially in the big cities, to check corruption. We have more cases of unfair means each passing year in our Board and University examinations.

The reasons for corruption in examinations are many:

First of all, we find corruption in all parts of our society, Dishonesty, and cheating are as common today as honesty was in olden times. Some people rightly say that we should bring all corruption in society to an end. Only then can corruption in examinations be got rid of. However, there will have to be a revolution, a complete change in our thinking and action, to bring all this about.

Secondly, most of our students cannot buy suitable books or study in first-rate educational institutions. Their economic condition does not allow them to progress properly in studies. They cannot make adequate (enough) preparations for their examinations. Quite a few of them, then, try to make use of unfair means.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thirdly, those who hold or conduct examinations are also responsible for corruption in examination centers. Invigilators, superintendents, and others working for as long as eight hours a day cannot earn what an expert mechanic gets for an hour of work. Able teachers and government officers at first do not like to perform the examination work. Some of them, who do come forward, begin accepting bribes from candidates to make quick money.

The ladder of corruption in examinations is very high. It very strangely goes underground, too, when answer books are smuggled out of examination centres and offices for candidates to write answers. Some corrupt examiners provide such facilities of copying or accept bribes to award undeserved marks or are influenced by recommendations. At times, copying through mobile phones is facilitated.

It is at least necessary to provide high-quality education to our students. There should be able and efficient teachers and proper and enough libraries for them. Special libraries and teaching and training centres should be provided to private candidates who cannot attend regular educational institutions.

Those who can afford should not provide luxuries like Internet pleasurable programmes, CD and DVD players, and expensive vehicles to children. TV viewing should especially be restricted. If our students become really able and wise, corruption in examinations will largely end. The need of the hour is action in the right direction.

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