Essay on The World in the Next Century

By | January 8, 2019

The world in the next century will be much more advanced than ours. Machines will be more perfect, performing work many times more than our machines. As a result, the production of things of daily use like pens, watches, radios, TVs, computers, etc. will increase (rise) tremendously. People will be able to buy them at cheap rates. As machines will be more automatic and faster in operation, factory workers will work less and have more holidays and free time. More efficient machines will, at the same time, create problems of unemployment.

Farming will be almost completely mechanized in most countries. More efficient farm machines like tractors, threshers (machines separating the grain from wheat, corn, etc.) and harvesters and new machines not available now will be in common use. New kinds of fertilizers (chemical substances for killing insects) will make farms highly productive. There will be food surpluses in several parts of the world. There is also the possibility of developing foods in the form of pills.

In some countries, the cities and villages on the surface of the earth may not be enough for the increased populations. So engineers will make it possible to have underground cities. These cities will get air from the earth’s atmosphere or scientists will set up chemical plants producing oxygen or air all the time.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Scientists will succeed in setting up housing colonies on other planets like the moon, Mars, Venus or Jupiter. They will find ways of producing oxygen and food for human life to continue there. Then they will have huge space stations with thousands of houses in each. These stations will hang in outer space, or will be moving round the earth.

Traveling will be extremely fast and easy in the next century. Supersonic (faster than the speed of sound) and double-decker airplanes will be in common use. It will be a matter of minutes to reach a place thousands of miles away. Railway trains may have speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. Flying cars may also be in use for travelling over shorter distances. Nuclear powered ships at sea will be moving at much faster speeds.

It may be possible in the next century to use atomic and solar energy in place of oil, coal, gas etc. on a very large scale. Electricity for the use of the public or for industrial use will be produced at all places with atomic energy at extremely low costs. Aeroplanes, cars, railway trains and ships will be run on atomic energy.

New medicines to cure all kinds of dangerous diseases in a quick way may be invented. Some diseases like blood pressure and cancer which are a present quite incurable will be easily curable. This will bring down the death rate. Human beings will be able to live much longer. Then new kinds of surgical operations may make it possible to correct all kinds of defects of the body.

Computers will be in more common use doing much of the thinking and planning that businessmen, architects, engineers, doctors and technicians have to do. As thinking machines, computers will be working in place of human brains in many ways.

Yet, all the above scientific progress is possible if all countries learn to live in peace. They should use science for peaceful purposes and for the progress of mankind.

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