Essay on The True Role of the Scientist

By | January 8, 2019

The scientist is a member of society like other people. He has his feelings, desires, and ideas like them. However, in his scientific work, he is much more objective (fair) and accurate than others. He reaches scientific results on the basis of careful observation of facts. He verifies his results through experimentation. He makes use of mathematics and instruments of observation, measurement, and calculation.

The true scientist engages in research and experimentation to discover new facts of science. He tries to make use of his knowledge for greater scientific progress. He goes on increasing his scientific knowledge.

The scientist should always work for ‘real or positive scientific progress. It means that he should research and experiment for the good of others or society. He should try to develop theories and instruments that may, in the end, bring benefits to human beings. He should help in the making of useful and productive articles. Thus, he would be working positively if he invents machines which make the digging of wells and canals faster and easier. He would be unforgettable if he invents planes and ships absolutely (completely) safe for travel.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The scientist’s work should not be destructive as far as possible. Thus, he should not try to invent or make new weapons of war. He should not try to make harmful drugs or intoxicants. He should not make use of knowledge to the harm of others. In fact, scientists in different countries should come to an agreement not to put science to destructive use. Governments should not force them to make destructive weapons. If different countries enter into no-war pacts or agreements on the basis of equality and justice, scientists will find it easy to work to the benefit of all.

But very often scientists have to work for destructive purposes in national interest. When a country expects to fight a war with one or more countries, its scientists have to make its defenses strong. They have to invent or make destructive weapons for it. If the enemy’s scientists are busy preparing deadly weapons, they too have to do this.

Scientists should have their high moral principles. They should not make harmful inventions as far as possible. They should not work for the sake of money or reward or fame alone.

The world has made great scientific progress. Most of our modern comforts and facilities have been made possible by scientists. Let world scientists work together for further progress. The United Nations can make better efforts to bring different countries and scientists together to work for peace and progress.

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