Essay on The Role of the Press

By | January 10, 2019

Newspapers and magazines (or the press) play a very important role in national life.

Firstly, newspapers keep the people informed about the political activities of their government. They give in detail the statements or speeches made by the rulers at public meetings or on the radio or television. They also report the activities of political parties and leaders. Standard newspapers criticize the policies and statements of the government or of the political parties in a fair (just) way.

Secondly, newspapers describe the economic policies of the government. For example, they describe its import and export policies, its plans for future economic development, the prices of different things fixed by it, and so on. Our newspapers have always reported in detail the economic policies of our different governments in the fields of agriculture, industry, and commerce. They have also described the problems of laborers, farmers and other working people and suggested their solutions.

Thirdly, newspapers give a true and correct picture of society. They describe the activities of the people in different fields like education, business, industry, law, medicine, science, and so on. They tell us about the activities of students and teachers, businesspersons, industrialists, lawyers, doctors, scientists and all categories of working people. They convey information regarding the different crimes taking place every day.

Fourthly, newspapers tell about the political, economic and social changes in different countries. They inform about the changes of governments and revolutions in different parts of the world. They give descriptions of changes taking place in other societies in education, science, medicine, industry, agriculture and defense preparations.

Newspapers give detailed news about wars taking place in different parts of the world. They give pictures of scenes of war. They discuss the causes and possible results of those wars and the efforts of the UN (United Nations) to stop them. They criticize the UN if it does not act suitably.

Newspapers have columns for entertainment. We find humorous essays or features (special long articles) on interesting, subjects like fashions and strange habits. Newspapers provide information on sports, new films, dramas, musical programmes and other cultural activities. At regular intervals, there are special columns for women, children, students and workers of different kinds. Newspapers should play a constructive role. They should publish news and reports about all the aspects of our national life. They should aim at bringing the people of the country closer in all possible ways.

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