Essay on The Role of Films for Students

All manner of people like to see films. Rich and poor people, students, labourers, workers in different fields of life, women who stay in their homes, and even children desire it. TVs, CD and DVD players, and VCRs have made it possible for many to watch films, of their choice.

The first great role of films is to entertain the people in the best possible ways. Films should have really good and artistic stories, dialogues, music and dances. It should be the effort of film producers and directors to make such films as offer entertainment of a high order (kind).

The second great role of films is to teach good lessons of life. Film should teach us through good stories how we can live nobly and well. They should tell us about different social problems and about the ways of resolving them. They should, whenever and wherever possible, “hold the mirror up” to our society.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The third great role of films is to promote national unity and integrity. They can do this by making their national duties and responsibilities clear to the people. They should present stories and events about patriotism or love for the country. They should describe the life of the people of all the provinces.

The fourth great role of films in our life is educational, Films in foreign countries on science subjects like physics, chemistry and biology are very beneficial (useful). There films produced on the arts like music, painting and literature are also greatly useful. In our country, too, films on the sciences and arts should be produced for purely educational purposes. Films on historical events and wars also increase (add to) our knowledge a great deal.

We should try to make the best use of our film industry. We should make it really beneficial to the people.

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