Essay on the profession I wish to enter or adopt

Aims noble and high Win God’s favor and bring success.

Everyone should try to have a high aim in life. My aim is to become a doctor. I like to do so for several reasons. First of all, I like the medical profession from the heart. It is my greatest desire to work as a doctor. Nowadays, I am studying the pre-medical subjects. I want to become a doctor because I like to serve the people of my country. As a doctor, I shall be able to cure the disease of many suffering people. I shall bring health and happiness to them. I know there are quite a few diseases, which still cannot be cured. I shall try to discover their cures. For this, I shall have to work very hard. I may have my own laboratory where I shall do experiments in my effort to develop new, more effective medicines.

Secondly, I have chosen the medical profession to treat poor people free of cost, and even to go to their homes to serve them. I find many doctors, who are unwilling (not ready) to treat poor people not having enough money for their fees. Sometimes, a poor patient dies without medicine near or at a doctor’s clinic or home. I condemn all this cruel attitude of selfish doctors. As a doctor, I shall be ready to provide medicines to the really needy free of charge.

Thirdly, it is my desire to work in villages at least for a few years. All know that most doctors like to stay in the cities. As a result, villagers have to go to the cities for treatment. As a medical student, I shall be studying the latest books on medicine. I shall be doing experiments in the laboratories on different diseases. I shall be gaining practical experience of treating patients. Thus, I shall be well equipped as a doctor to work efficiently in my field. Even as a doctor, I will go on improving my medical knowledge. I want to be busy like a successful doctor. I like to work for others as much as possible. Social service is surely better than self-service. I think that the medical profession provides the most chances of social service. so it will be the best for me.

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“Health is the doorway to happiness, satisfaction and a life of effort, and a good doctor open it to you.”

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