Essay on The Place of English in Pakistan

English is our own language, and more it is international in its significance (importance). It is rightly taken as the lingua franca, the common language, for all parts of the world today.

Firstly, English is spoken, read or understood in most parts of the world. Wherever you may go, ut Europe, Asia, Africa or in the Americas, in Australią or the North or South Poles, you will find someone or the other communicating with you in English. What is more useful than this for a student, politician, a man of science, trader, tourist or artist.

Secondly, English is truly the language of science and technology. All the latest inventions and developments in science are to be found well explained in English. Libraries and bookshops are full of valuable textbooks and reference books in English on all the sciences. Then translations of science books in English are continuously pouring in, and are being made available everywhere.

Thirdly, English offers us treasures of knowledge in all the social sciences like history, political science, economics, archaeology (the study of the buried remains of ancient things), anthropology (the scientific study of the human race), sociology, philosophy and psychology and all the fine arts like music, painting and sculpture. All sorts of books, and now CDs and DVDs and movie films are available in English on all forms of intellectual, social and artistic activities.

Fourthly, modern medicine and surgery, developed from worldwide studies and researches in different countries and languages, now make a tremendous storehouse of medical knowledge in English. Originally written and translated, medical and surgical books and magazines in English are constantly printed around the world, readily available to every country. Fifthly, English is truly a language of business, commerce, and banking. Most world trade is carried on in English, and a good knowledge of it puts one to great advantage.

Lastly, religious and spiritual writings and translations in English are in plenty. English, then, enshrines (keeps in it) the best of what has been thought and written in the world, the best of the sweetness and light of knowledge and the best of emotion and passion. Just as all positive knowledge is power, English is power today. It should be a declared national language besides Urdu.

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