Essay on The Person I Like Most

The world is full of all kinds of people whom we meet day in and day out. Some we like and others we dislike for various reasons. Those we like to leave some pleasant, impressions on our minds. If we meet them repeatedly, those impressions become deeper, and we begin liking them all the more. At home, who can be closer and dearer-than one’s mother whom one sees again and again and wants to see yet again?

My mother is not dear to me alone, she is liked by all who know her. Children love her and grownups respect her for the basic reason that she loves all and sundry (everyone). Most mothers love their own children dearly, but, unlike them, she loves others’ children as if they were her own.

My mother’s ability and knowledge, in fact, shine in her healthy face and eyes. Her face is the true index (measure) of her mind, which is full of deep and pleasant ideas. Beautiful and impressive her face is in all its glory and refinement. And perhaps more beautiful are her ideas that she expresses while teaching us or in the company of her friends and relations.

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Perhaps the only fault of my mother is that she gets angry with people who oppose her in wrong ways. However, she forgets her anger very soon and starts thinking about them with the best intentions. She listens to them attentively as if nothing had happened. When anyone tells lies in her company and misbehaves, she advises him to be truthful in all situations and respectful towards elders, Luckily, others begin acting on her advice readily because of her high character and sound reputation.

The most beloved creature that mother is, we cannot find the like of her anywhere. She lives in our thoughts and passions as much as we live in hers. She is the soul of our existence, the driving force of our life. May God bless her with his choicest bounties (rewards) in this world and the next.

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