Essay on The Most Interesting Experience

By | January 6, 2019

Outlines for

  • almost everyone experiences something or the unusual or extraordinary in his life

  • my own experience of going to the circus once

  • how the circus proceeded, different scenes from the circus, animals, and men performed their tricks wonderfully

  • my own impression of and conclusion about the circus as I returned.

A few weeks ago, I went to a fair in my city. It was the strangest and most interesting thing I had ever seen. There was a big poster outside the circus. It had pictures of some men and women and animals in bright colors. They were the circus performers. I bought a ticket and went in. I took my seat in a big circular hall, where hundreds of people were sitting. Soon the bell rang and the show began. I was greatly surprised to see four skinny (very thin) women standing on four poles in the hands of four sturdy (fit and healthy) men. The men were standing on one foot each. They started jumping on the poles.

The second part of the show was “dance on the ropes.” There were two long ropes, eight feet high from the ground. Six women appeared from a corner, jumped on the ropes and started dancing on them. They danced as easily as one dance on the ground. The title of this show read “Our Politicians in Their, True Colours.”[the_ad id=”17141”]

The third part of the show was “the lion’s fight with a man.” I saw a lion and a man fighting with each other in the ring. The man jumped on the back of the lion. He hit the lion on the neck with something whip-like in his hand. The lion sat down on the ground.

The fourth part of the show was the dance of animals and men together. There were two horses on one side, and two lions on the other. The riders on the horses and lions were waiting for the whistle. As soon as the whistle was blown, the horses and lions stood up on their hind legs (at the back) and started moving this way and that. The riders jumped off and started dancing with the animals. At the end, the men again rode the animals and stood up. They jumped and danced in a strange, but beautiful manner.

I was very happy and surprised (happily surprised) to see this circus show in which animals and men performed equally well. As I was leaving the circus, I wondered (could not understand) why men troubled animals so much, and why men and animals could not live together happily. And to me, the outside world began looking like a circus and a drama. But later, I thought it was nothing else but (except) a dream.

Circus you may call, play call it
Human you may be, or animal
It no more is better than a dream
A reality too late understood and too soon forgotten

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