Essay on the Importance of Advertising

By | January 1, 2019

“We advertise our qualities, objects, desires, plans, passions, conflicts, everything and so do all sellers and producers.”

Advertising is of great importance in our world of competition. It is important both for the seller and the buyer. Even the Government cannot do without it. First of all, advertising introduces new products to the general public. For example, the public comes to know about useful new medicines for some diseases. Even the doctors quite often learn about such medicines from medical magazines and from newspapers. We often learn about new machines for agriculture and industry from advertisements (ads).

Secondly, advertising introduces the different brands of the same product. Advertisement tells about the qualities of each brand, and we can easily select. For example, there are three different brands of a bicycle produced by the same company. We can learn about the qualities of each from advertisements at different places. The advertisements of different kinds of motorcycles have introduced them very well. The public is really interested in motorcycles now.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thirdly, the government can very profitably advertise its schemes and policies. It can tell the public what it might do for the good of the nation. In this connection, for example, the government introduces its defense, development and savings schemes. The advertisements of the profit-and-loss and savings (PLS) accounts; “zakat,” and so on have been quite effective. The government had to advertise on large scale its new taxation policies.

Fourthly, it is through advertisements that we come to know of new service jobs. Qualified people apply for them and get adjusted in life. Without newspaper advertisements for jobs and work, it will be very difficult for people to get suitable employment or for government departments, companies, and factories to hire suitable workers.

Fifthly, the advertisement is a dependable and effective means of expanding education and of bringing students to educational institutions. Schools, colleges and universities advertise their classes, courses, and fees and attract thousands of students for admission. Without proper advertisements in this connection, it will be very difficult to run our education system on proper lines.

Further, the armed forces bring able young men and women to their training and educational institutions through advertisements. It will not be wrong to say that many of our soldiers and officers of the army, air force and navy owe their service to a newspaper advertisement.

Advertising can also be harmful. When advertisers misstate the qualities of their products, they misguide the public. When manufacturers advertise harmful products like cigarettes, they do not serve the right purpose. Some manufacturers may spend too much on advertising and then raise the prices of their products. Advertising is useful and beneficial within proper limits. These limits are clearly laid down by religion; law and our traditions.

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