The Happiest Day in My Life Essay in English

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The happiest day of my life Essay – 400 Words

The happiest day of my life Essay life was when I got a new bicycle. My father presented me with a bicycle when I passed the Matriculation examination more than a year ago. I remember how one evening my father brought me the bicycle silently from a shop. He gave it to me with words of love. I went on making plans through the night how I would use it the next day. The next day was really one of great joy for me. In the morning, I went to my college on my new bicycle. My friends liked it much. I was one of the few students who had a new green bicycle.

We remember the days that bring the greatest happiness to us, we try to forget the days of our sorrows.

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The Happiest Day in My Life Essay

I went on thinking about my new bicycle as I sat in the classrooms. I tried to attend the lectures, but could not. When my teacher of English asked me a question about a poem he was teaching, I replied “my bicycle.” The teacher, as well as the class, started laughing. The teacher asked me smilingly not to ride “it” so carelessly. In the afternoon, I cycled home with great pleasure. In the evening, I started with some of my friends for the river. As we cycled along the long and smooth road, we felt very happy. We sang songs of joy and laughed and joked. I felt that riding a bicycle on a cool summer evening is more pleasant than riding a motorcycle or driving a car.[the_ad id=”17141″]

We all sat for some time under the cool, shady trees near the river. We ran after each other to some distance. Then we thought of going to other friends. My friends and I returned from the river as the moon and the stars started smiling in the sky. On the way, we went to the houses of four other friends one after another. Each liked my bicycle and congratulated me. It was rather late at night when I returned home. I was feeling much too tired. But I was also feeling very happy and satisfied after so much cycling. Thus I passed the happiest day of my life. I feel I can never be as happy as I was on that day.


Now happiness lives in my ideas
As earlier it lived in my feelings;
Associated it is with stillness, seriousness
connected as it was with movement, jubilation.

The Happiest Day in My Life – 500 Words

Life is a conscious contact with our surroundings. The more conscious we are, the more alive. The great writer Dr. Johnson says:

‘Life every where is little to be enjoyed and much to be endured.’

The Happiest Day in My Life  Essay in English

The Happiest Day in My Life Essay in English

Such being the nature of life on this blighted planet (earth), happiness is a rare experience. Some days are dark; some are, murky and a few are bright. Life is full of suffering, pains, and tragedies. Wise persons bravely face life and do not run away from it. The pious put their hopes in God and keep their powder dry.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Everyone has a routine in life. Social gatherings, outings, parties, sports, and picnics bring change and provide fun and enjoyment. So on a holiday, we made a program for families combined picnic at Howksbay. There were about forty members including children. We hired a bus, kept food and water on the bus, and started for the Point. We also purchased some fruits on the way. At about ten we reached Howksbay and hired a hut. Soon the seashore buzzed with noises.

The young people enjoyed bathing, the children waded in water and made sand-houses. The old surveyed the fun and cautioned the youths. After great fun, amusements and hullagulla, there were calls for food and drinks. The young had their grub in dripping clothes and half-pants. The seniors supervised the scene and the ladies played the host. After eating some desserts, the children and elders retired for a nap. Some children and youths played games on the shore and some plunged in water.

Misfortunes always come unaware. Two of my cousins defied the elder’s instructions and went in deep waters. Indeed, tide and time wait for none. They were caught up in a high wave and drowning. There were cries; ‘Help!, help! Save, save’. The elders were awakened from sleep and dashed to the shore. There was a great hue and cry. The women and children were weeping and wailing.

One of the drowning cousin was saved by a brave nearby English gentleman. The other was tossed by the waves. Nobody dared to take the risk and rescue the victim. Youth is hot and age is cold. The old uncle Shams, once a champion swimmer, plunged into the angry sea, reached the drowning man, and dragged him out after great struggle Jimmy was unconscious rather beyond hopes.

Uncle Shams gave a quick first-aid to Jimmy. Weeping and crying drowned the funs. A large number of people had gathered around the hut. A naval team arrived at the spot, took charge of the situation, and took Jimmy into the nearby Centre. There was a struggle between life and death. Mirth and marrying-making changed into moaning.

The day was dark and dreary. After one hour’s frantic efforts to save Jimmy’s life the naval doctor announced: “The kid is out of danger.” Jimmy was weak and drowsy. Anyhow he revived after some hot drink. Our Joy knew no bounds. And it was the happiest day of my life. We prostrated and thanked Allah for His mercy.

The Happiest Day in My Life

The Happiest Day in My Life For 5,6,7 Class

All my days are happy. My parents and sister keep me happy always. Good dresses, good food, and good school are there in my family. My teachers teach me very well. My relatives are very fond of me. I have what a girl of my age should have. But the topic is the happiest day in my life.

My birthday is my happiest day. I wait for it for the whole year. That day I wear new dresses. My parents take me to the temple to offer worship in my name. Mt parents, sisters, relatives, and friends wish me a Happy Birthday. I give sweets and chocolate to my friends who are studying with me in my school. They are also happy on that day.

‘On that day, we give a feast to all in my family. I cut the birthday cake. All are happy. I eat candies. On that day, I was the center of my whole family. For this, I always long for it. The whole house is decorated with mango-tree-leaves and color paper. The complete environment was colorful. I like it to my complete satisfaction.


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  1. Srithar

    I love the most happiest day of my life but i t can end in a another way

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