Essay on The Future of Pakistan

By | January 2, 2019

Outlines for The Future of Pakistan

  • The ideal geographical situation of our country

  • how we can become really strong and prosperous, suggestions

  • we need to work hard for a bright future

 “We shape the future of the country according as we think, live, play, act and live.”

We are the citizens of an independent country in the most important part of Asia (South Asia) with the independent central Asian states to the north, Iran, and Afghanistan to the west and India to the east. To the south of our country are the oil-producing Islamic Arab states. In this geographical situation, we can play a central (pivotal) role in different fields-political, industrial, commercial, cultural and military.[the_ad id=”17141″]

First of all, the nation should all be educated. It should be equipped with modern knowledge in the arts and sciences. It should have a good working knowledge of English. Secondly, we should be internally strong and united. We should have a political, economic and social system that unites and strengthens us. In this sense, the future of our country and nation is directly linked with our political, economic and social situation.

Politically, we should have a system, which gives continuity and stability to our government. It should also give chances to able and noble common people to rise to the highest positions in the elected assemblies and in the government. Looking at the political history of the nation, we can easily understand the damage that the Parliamentary system of government has done to this unfortunate country. In this defective system, the majority of members of Parliament-elect the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister sees to it that the members side with him, whether he bribes them or gives favours at the cost of the nation. The economic and social system is such that mostly rich and dishonest politicians get elected. For the safety and survival of the country, we have to give up this system and adopt a better and lasting (durable) political system.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Economically, our country should advance rapidly in the industrial and commercial fields. We should set up huge factories in different parts of the country so that our labour force works to the maximum. We should construct huge and small dams across our rivers for a constant supply of water and availability of cheap electricity. The defence industry should be specially attended to. We should invite foreign capital suitably so that we may be able to have it invested in production centres. Oil and gas and other natural resources should be fully utilized (used), for the development of the country.

Socially, we should have complete justice in the country. The law courts should be able to function independently, and the strongest and richest people should be punished like common poor citizens if they break the law. There should be as much of equality as possible, which is not possible without breaking up the feudal (“zamindari”) system in the country.

If the above political, economic and social conditions are fulfilled, our country will become a model for all the countries to her north, west, east and south. They will accept us as their leader in political, industrial, commercial, cultural and military matters as the West has practically accepted the US as the undeclared monarch (supreme ruler). For such a bright and glamorous (charming and grand) future, we need to work hard day and night sincerely and methodically, unitedly and steadily.

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