Essay on Sunday Bazaar in Pakistan

By | January 2, 2019

Outlines for Sunday Bazaar

  • Why Sunday bazaars are held in our different cities

  • A Sunday bazaar is like a fair on a small scale, prices at the bazaar

  • What is commonly sold at a Sunday bazaar

  • It is highly useful

“The competition in a wide market keeps the price level low and provides a variety of goods.”

Itwaar bazaars are held in our different cities for the common people, who they can buy things of daily use at rather low prices. Housewives spend a big part of their monthly budget in these bazaars, especially at the beginning of the month. It is no less interesting and beneficial for others to be at an Itwaar bazaar.[the_ad id=”17141″]

An Itwaar bazaar is like a fair on a small scale. As we approach the bazaar, we can see people from all walks of life around open shops on a vast ground. Vendors selling vegetables and fruits cry aloud their prices and quality. As they all want to sell their goods much before sunset, they do not overcharge. And surely they sell more. Pulses, sugar, chilies, pepper and other spices are also sold in huge quantities. The vendors arrange these in big and small sacks.

Womenfolk with their husbands and children try to stock their homes for the whole month with Itwaar-bazaar supplies. Of course, carrying the supplies home often becomes a problem. Sometimes women sit behind their husbands on motorcycles with bags full of the purchases. And sometimes families with children have to hire rickshaws or taxis. Those who own cars feel extremely easy to travel back home with all the cartload of vegetables, fruits and different kinds of articles like toys, children’s clothes, crockery, and cosmetics.

Plastic goods and glassware (articles made of glass) are the main attraction. Different varieties of plastic and glass plates, cups and food containers are sold in a few open shops (stalls). The people buy these readily at about the big bazaar (wholesale) prices. Children gather around the toys placed on big sheets of cloth spread in central places. The toys-sellers display (exhibit) the toys in different colors to attract the children, thus adding to the charm of the bazaar. At times, cloth shops are set up in an Itwaar bazaar. We can find in them the most commonly used cloth at near wholesale prices.

An Itwaar bazaar is of much worth for the middle and lower-middle classes of society. We can buy all the items in one place without having to travel to distant markets.

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