Essay on Space Travel or Exploration

By | January 8, 2019

Space travel or journey to the moon is no more a dream. It is possible for a man to travel into outer space in a spaceship over thousands of miles. It is now possible for him to travel to the moon. Space travel became possible when the Russians started sending artificial satellites into outer space in 1957. These satellites traveled around the earth hundreds of miles about it. Afterward, the Americans sent their satellites into outer space and reached the moon in 1969.

Spacemen or astronauts have to face difficulties and dangers. For example, they have to breathe oxygen as there is no air in outer space. They have to face the problem of weightlessness in space when they are out of the gravitational pull of the earth. They are trained well to face it. Extremely dangerous rays like “cosmic rays” and “solar rays” all the time attack the spaceship.

Spacemen go on talking to control stations on earth (on wireless) during space travel. Experts in these control stations advise the spacemen about their direction in space, the speed of their ship, and so on.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Space travel is of great benefit. It has made visits to the moon possible. It may make it possible for man to travel to other planets like Mars. Spacemen collect a lot of useful information about space while traveling through it. They have special instruments on their spaceship to record facts about the different kinds of rays or radiations, electric charges, etc. present in space. These instruments also give useful information about the atmospheric pressure, the pressure of the magnetic field of the earth when the spaceship is closer to the earth. They also tell about the presence of minerals and oil on the earth etc and in the sea.

Space travel should be for peaceful purposes alone. Spaceships or artificial satellites should never be equipped with weapons of war. All countries should work together in the field of space travel for the benefit of humankind.

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