Essay on Pak China (Sino-Pak) Relations

Pakistan and China are on the same continent and have a common border in the north. They are the most friendly next-door neighbors having a brilliant record of successful friendship and neighborliness.

Internationally, Pakistan and China have been co-operating actively in struggling against all kinds of aggressive and imperialistic (hegemonic) policies of the big powers like the US, the former Soviet Union, Britain, France, etc. in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin (South) America. They both stand together for equality, brotherhood, non-alignment (or non-attachment or neutrality), peaceful coexistence and peaceful solution of problems between any two countries.

The closest relations between our two countries are evident (clear) in these ways. Firstly, the leaders of both countries often meet and discuss their policies and problems. The visits of Chinese ministers here and ours there are always welcome. Secondly, both countries adopt common policies in international agencies like the UN. Thirdly, trade has been continuously rising between the two countries.

[the_ad id=”17141″]Neither China nor Pakistan has raised trade barriers against the import of the other’s goods. China never tries to sell her goods to Pakistan at high or unreasonable prices as certain advanced countries try to do. Fourthly, China has opened up its doors to Pakistani scientists and technical experts to learn its advanced technology and benefit from its scientific progress. Fifthly, there are strong cultural links between the two countries that their people respect and value.

India is trying to emerge (come forth) as a mini-superpower after her nuclear explosions in 1998, a threat to the whole of Asia. Already she has displayed her monstrous terror in the deployment (arrangement and positioning) of her forces, missiles, warships, air force planes and atomic weapons on the land and sea. The conclusion of her recent agreement with the US on nuclear co-operation gives her a chance to develop her nuclear capabilities to great heights. The need to check Indian military and diplomatic designs by China is urgent.

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