Essay on Our College for F.Sc 2nd Year

I am a student of Lahore Model Degree College, Lahore. I am a student of F.Sc., 2nd year. It is a College under Lahore District Government Administration and one of the best colleges in Lahore. I am really proud of my college. The college building. It is pink in color and stone has a big and beautiful brick double story. It has about 40 rooms, a half and an office complex. The hall can accommodate over 1,500 students. The college’s cultural activities are held here. open stage on which are held shows and It has also got a big and spacious etc. There is a small garden also where are grown many kinds debates A gardener and his assistant look after the of trees, plants and shrubs garden. Students also help them in keeping the garden in good condition. Behind the college, the building is the vast playground where we play football, volleyball, hockey, badminton, kabaddi, cricket, etc.

There is a very good library housed in a small hall. It contains books on all subjects. There are daily newspapers and magazines. We can borrow books from there for a week. We go there in our library period and enjoy reading magazines and newspapers. The books increase our knowledge and provide us with Our librarian is very helpful and guides us in healthy entertainment right kind of books and magazines. There is also a big science selecting laboratory well equipped with instruments and apparatus required for experiments.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Ours is a co-educational college, where boys and girls study together. This gives us an opportunity to know each other well and appreciate But the number of girl students one another’ s feelings and emotions is comparatively less. There are three girl students after every five boy students. The teachers are highly qualified They and experienced take a keen interest in teaching and making us good and useful citizens of the country. The principal of the college is not only highly qualified but also very reputed. He has won a number of state and national awards as the principal of our college, He is a strict disciplinarian any He never tolerates. His life and work inspire us to follow him or laxity indiscipline He is very punctual, smart, gentle and loves us like his own sons and daughters. He also teaches XII class students both English and Urdu as he is M.A. in English and Urdu.

Our college starts in the morning at 8 O’clock with assembly. First, there is Then there prayer accompanied by recitation from the Holy Quran is a short instructive talk or a moral story by one of the teachers. Sometimes we are told the headlines of the newspapers. Then there is mass drill and exercise just for 15 minutes accompanied by beating on the drum. Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory. The Vice – Principal is also very nice and well – qualified. Our college has a good academic and sports record. [the_ad id=”17142″]In Board results, it has made a high mark. Every year in the Board Examination, many of our students secure merits and positions. In games and sports also it has won many trophies, medals and certificates. In debates also its reputation and standing make us proud. Every year there is an intercollegiate debate and elocution contest in our college. Many colleges from all around the country participate in the contest. Last year, I stood second in the intercollegiate debate and third in the elocution contest. This year I hope to improve my position. To sum up, my college compares on favorably even with expensive public colleges. There is emphasis character building and all-round development of our personality and mere book learning is never encouraged.

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