Essay on Nuclear Explosion by Pakistan

By | January 8, 2019

It was in May 1998 that Pakistan exploded six atomic bombs in Balochistan to become the world’s seventh nuclear power (after the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and India). India was already a nuclear power after its first nuclear explosion in 1974. However, she conducted five atomic tests in early May 1998 in Rajasthan in order to become a “declared” nuclear power: Then started a series of threats and warnings that the Indian leaders hurled (threw) or directed towards Pakistan. It was demanded of Pakistan to withdraw from Azad Kashmir or face a march of the Indian army into it. Already the Indian army, air force planes, tanks, and sophisticated (most modern and developed) weapons far outnumbered those in possession of Pakistan. Pakistan was not prepared to accept Indian dictation and domination. Therefore, she herself became a declared nuclear power.

The results of Pakistan’s successful nuclear tests were highly favorable to her at least in the military and political fields. Firstly, the balance of power which was weighing heavily on India’s side after here nuclear testing of early May was suitably corrected. After her own nuclear testing, Pakistan could herself warn India of an atomic war and large-scale destruction in case she attacked Azad Kashmir or any part of Pakistan. Soon after Pakistan’s testing and possible deployment (arrangement, for military action) of the nuclear weapons on here Ghauri missiles, the war fever of the Indians came down and their violent excitement (frenzy) evaporated.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Secondly, Pakistan emerged (appeared) on the world map as the only Islamic nuclear power after her atomic tests. For all the Islamic countries it was a matter of pride. Pakistan’s scientific and technological power was recognized by them all.

Thirdly, the Kashmir problem, which was rather being taken lightly by the world powers and the UN, came into the limelight (became very prominent) in world politics. The world came to understand that the atomic explosions by India and Pakistan were directly connected with the long-standing Kashmir dispute. The US, UK, and France, especially, felt the need of getting this dispute settled.

Now, other countries, especially the advanced ones, should understand Pakistan’s compulsion (inner moving force) to explode the bombs in May 1998. They should try directly to bring home to India that the settlement of the Kashmir dispute only can bring the nuclear race in this area to an end.

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