Essay on My Hobby is Reading (700 Words)

By | January 25, 2019

Hobby is a fruitful work done in spare time. There is no monetary benefit in a hobby. It is pursued only for pleasure. It is based purely on interest and enjoyment and no other consideration. Thus, a hobby is totally different from a profession or occupation. What is a hobby for one may be an occupation for another person? An occupation is a regular work done to earn bread and butter.

The number of hobbies is endless. Reading, stamp-collecting, traveling, gardening, photography, music, biography, hunting, playing with children, teaching illiterate adults, playing football etc., are some of the well-known hobbies. Hobbies make life more meaningful and enjoyable. After a day’s hard work and labor, a hobby is so refreshing and interesting. Hobbies prepare us for more hard work the next day. They are a very cheap source of entertainment, enjoyment and meaningful use of leisure time.

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Without a hobby, a person will feel bored and annoyed during his leisure hours. In these days of scientific advancement and so many inventions, hobbies have become all the more important. Now, life is so comfortable Cospun and easy and there is lot of leisure time. Reading is my hobby. I read magazines, newspaper, storybooks, short novels, biographies, travelogues, etc.. They enrich my knowledge and experience. [the_ad id=”17141″]By reading, I also increase my skills of speaking and expression as it enriches my vocabulary and word-power. I have cultivated this hobby from my very young days. My father encouraged me to have and develop this hobby. He often used to take me to bookshops and book exhibitions and bought books of my interest and liking. I began with moral stories, fables and fairy tales. I found them so interesting, instructive and entertaining that soon I became a book-lover. My love and interest in books is quite natural as it has evolved with the passage of time.

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I have a good collection of my own books. I bought them with my pocket money. Many of them I got as prizes and many others were given to me as gifts on my birthdays. There is hardly any book in my personal library which I have not read at least twice. And some of them I have read many times over. Every time I read them, I find a new meaning, more enjoyment, and some new experience. They are my best friends. I never feel sad or alone because of them. The pleasure they give me is and everlasting type and very valuable.

My hobby has also helped me in scoring the examination. It helps me in achieving better concentration and economy of I borrow books from the school library and also from the public time library. I love books, enjoy one or two hours daily in their valuable company, but I learning without never believe in rot am not a bookworm Books are of great practical understanding their teachings and morals hope and inspiration,  value and give us lot of knowledge, confidence.[the_ad id=”17142″]

There are some other students in the school who also have the same hobby Book Club . We exchange We have formed kind of informal books and experiences earned by reading. On Sundays my friends come to my house and we have reading, recitation and dialogue sessions. It gives us so much fun, enjoyment and knowledge. We all go together whenever there is book fair or exhibition and browse through the books and then buy some of them which suit our pockets and interests. Many students in the college envy our hobby and friendship and our teachers feel proud of us.

While reading a book, I take brief notes, mark important ideas, new words, phrases and brilliant expressions with a red pen which help me in the recapitulation As a result of my hobby, I can read fairly fast and with very good. My knowledge on various subjects and retention comprehension besides course subjects, is very wide, authentic and valuable. I am proud of it but not Reading of great and good books, really makes one more conceited gentle, humble and humane. By reading of great authors, some of their greatness is bound to be rubbed off on the readers as well.

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