Essay on My Favourite TV Programme

By | January 7, 2019

My Favourite TV Programme Essay (550 Words)

Outlines for My Favourite TV Programme

  • not all TV programmes of my city station can ever be fine, only some are appealing (attractive) and of these ones is the best. I for one (certainly) could say that “Our Society” is the best programme

  • what I like most in this programme

  • well-decorated stage, sweet background music

  • the quiz competition the main part of the programme

  • interviews in the programme with famous people like leaders, scientists, inventors, writers, and so on-well-known singers sin excellently in the programme

  • suggestions for improvement of the programme

“Some TV programmes appeal to us, but the most impressive of them all is surely a masterpiece.”

To me, the most interesting, entertaining and useful of all TV programmes is “Our Society.” What most in this programme is its variety, diversity, and newness. Almost every week for an hour a famous compere (the person who introduces the different stages in a TV programme) presents it in a lively and appealing (attractive) way on Channel Truth.

First of all, I like the very presence of the programme. The stage is well set, decorated tastefully and lighted brilliantly with the compere sitting in the middle with the microphone before him. The programme is declared open in the noise of welcome and clapping. The fine background music, one continuation of the eastern and western orchestra (musical instruments played together) goes with (accompanies) the announcements of exits and entrances of entertainers at different stages.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The main part of the programme is a quiz (competition or game where questions are put). The compere asks questions on science, religion, games, history, geography, politics, economics, everyday events reported in newspapers, famous personalities, etc. The people in the hall are put to the test. Those who answer the questions correctly are awarded handsome prizes. Business firms and companies usually offer their own products as prizes for advertisement through this programme.

Important and famous people like leaders, scientists, inventors, writers, teachers, artists, doctors, players, singers, musicians, filmmakers, film stars, etc. are interviewed on the stage by TV people. We, thus, come to know about the activities and work of such people, which is interesting as well as informative.

Sometimes famous singers are invited to sing to our supreme pleasure. As the singers stand before us, we enjoy their songs the more. The music by expert musicians makes the songs a complete entertainment, an extravaganza. The way of asking questions and presentation of the programme is simple and natural. Many people watch it every week regularly and punctually.

Now a suggestion. I would like educational, social, political and economic problems should be discussed in some sessions of this programme. The problems could be presented for discussion to groups or panels of great thinkers, scientists, artists, teachers, political leaders, professionals and senior students somewhat like this. “How can we improve our education system?” “How can we put an end to corruption in exams?” “How can our politicians behave and work better?” “How can we solve our unemployment problems?” How can we promote national unity?” “Terrorism and its cures”, “Why are we not advanced as a nation?” etc.


My Favourite TV Programme Essay (350 Words)

Though I like several TV programmes, it is “Mauj Darya”, that I like most. It is an interesting programme that deals with our social problems.[the_ad id=”17142”]

We have this programme every week in the evening, and when it starts, I run to my TV in joy. It is in the form of a series of plays, speeches, discussions, interviews, stories, songs, and music. If one’ week we have drama, another week we have a discussion, next we enjoy stories, and so on. The new “form” or “shape” of the programme every week does not let it become boring.

The subjects of “Mauj Darya” are as different as the problems in our society. They can be unemployment, overpopulation, corruption in different forms, smuggling, black marketing, the use of drugs, housing problems, marriage problems, educational problems, the political situation in our country and in other countries, wars in different parts of the world, terrorism, and so on.

In a surprisingly pleasant manner, “Mauj Darya,” at times, suggests quite a useful solution to our social problems. For example, in one of its educational sessions it made it quite clear that the main trouble with our country was illiteracy or ignorance. The question “How can we educate all our people well?” was discussed by teachers and brilliant college and university students. They agreed that the country’s social system stood in the way of “true education for all.” It promoted terrorism and other lighter social evils. The end of the big landowners and capitalists could be the beginning of proper education.

The programme brings to our knowledge of the country’s scientific and technological progress through interviews, discussions, and demonstrations. It will be highly beneficial if we can view the latest scientific achievements around the world. For example, the development of various computers, satellites, picture telephones, musical instruments , nd surgical methods can be presented or dramatized interestingly.

A song with excellent music is usually presented at the end of each programme. It is purely artistic, and it pleases us with fine tunes, voices and verses. Such a programme can continue for a long time without becoming a burden on the viewers.

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