Essay on Mobile and Satellite Phones

By | January 8, 2019

The last years of the twentieth century saw sudden popularization of mobile or cellular phones. Now, in the new century, it is almost a professional necessity. Even in private life, if they can afford it, people find it highly convenient and useful. As a revolutionary development of the common telephone, it has created links between cities, countries, and continents that do not need the agency of any wires or material connections.

The satellite phone is a further extension of the use of the mobile phone in communication. While the. mobile phone operates through the mechanism of booster towers connected with each other. through rays, the satellite phone operates through artificial satellites in space. Because of the coverage of almost all the space around the world through the satellites, the functioning of the satellite phone on a world-wide-web basis has become a living possibility.

Mobile phones have uses that surpass those of any other previous technology. First, they enable us to communicate business, science or any other data to places anywhere in the world. This promotes business and science on the basis of the latest information and knowledge.

Second, the mobile-phone technology has made possible exploration of distant places in nature or dangerous areas. Mountaineers, voyagers, hunters, and travelers of all kinds can start fearlessly with their mobile phones in different directions. They have the confidence that if they face any hardship or trouble on their way, they can communicate readily with their friends behind.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Third, as a protection against criminals or terrorists, the mobile phone can prove to be very effective. If a person having a mobile phone is threatened by hijackers or law-breakers anywhere, he cąn at least try to contact the police or his friends for immediate help.

Fourth, instead of having hotlines or regular telephone links, the rulers or leaders of different countries can have cellular links all the time. Misunderstandings and doubts of different kinds can be removed readily through cellular talk.

Fifth, the mobile phone is profitably used by businessmen touring distant parts of their country and foreign countries. They can inquire about the prices of goods produced in different factories or manufacturing centers and on farms.

Sixth, the money exchanges of different countries make free use of the mobile phone in their business activities. The rates of different currencies in all countries are readily made available to the customers round the clock.

It is, however undesirable to have a mobile phone as a prestige symbol or for fashion.


Advantages and Disadvantages

The mobile phone is, in fact, a double-edged weapon. If its uses for the benefit of human beings are many, its destructive uses are not few. We know that criminals and terrorists make use of this device to keep contact with each other. We have read in newspapers about the use of the mobile phone by candidates inside examination halls trying to get information from outside through their friends to copy answers to exam questions.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Further, the mobile phone has given rise to some psychological problems among the users. Because of their constant use of it, quite a few of them become nervous or confused. In some, loss of memory has been reported. In others, problems of sleeplessness and mental disease have come to the surface. Some newspapers claim that a constant use of the mobile phone causes tumours (swellings) in the brain. Apart from the disease caused by the phone, maladjustment of the user in society and distortion in his personality are more dangerous.

It will be better if the mobile phone is used proportionately and wisely, in a normal and balanced manner. Competition between mobile companies promotes negative uses of the device. Through advertisements and canvassing (asking people for its use), they make people waste time and spend more on mobile talks than on books and learning. However, competition has resulted in reduction of the call rates.

It is possible that with further technological advancement the satellite phone may replace the mobile phone at most places. When human beings settle on other planets like the moon and Mars satellite phones will gain additional importance. However, presently communication between the most distant places, say, between the North and South Poles, between Siberia and the Sahara Desert, between ships in the Pacific Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea and between planes and spaceships is as easy as. talk on mobile phones within their limited range. The limitless advance in the field of communication through satellite operations is one of the greatest successes of man in conquering space and distances in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The twenty-second century may see further advances with a further development of the uses of the atom and particles in the atmosphere and in space for purposes of communication and travel.

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