Essay on Life of the Hospital Doctor (420 Words)

By | January 2, 2019

“The hospital doctor should take patients as members of his family to be true to his profession and perfect in his treatment to be a reliable professional.”

A successful doctor is active in his work in a regular way, not like some students who like to study close to their examinations. A dutiful doctor starts the working day with a light breakfast with his wife and children if he is married. And, a female doctor follows more or less the same routine as that of her male counterpart (person in her situation) except that she has to take care of the kitchen and children mostly herself if she is a housewife.

After the breakfast and some reading of the newspaper, a doctor reaches the hospital around 8 or 9 in the morning. He sits in the general office for some time, meets his colleagues and officers, reads the latest notices from the medical superintendent and the health department. He gets directions from the senior doctors and goes on the daily rounds of the general and private medical wards.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The rounds of the doctor are very important for him as well as the patients. He examines them, goes through their records which have the results of the tests performed on them. He examines each patient assigned to him and records his findings in his progress report. He asks the nurses about the condition of their patients and about their special problems and needs. Above all, he engages the patients one by one in conversation to discuss their health problems and needs. Sometimes he gets quite upset by the shortage of medicines and facilities and staff in the hospital. He feels that he is helpless before the inadequate (insufficient) supply of funds and medicines and possible corruption.

But the doctor feels, at ease in the private ward. There well-to-do patients easily buy the medicines from inside or outside the hospital and their own attendants provide them every possible comfort. The doctor enjoys talking to them, as most of them are educated and cultured.

It is after the rounds that the doctor comes to attend to the outpatients in his room. If he is senior in service, he has an independent room to himself with all the testing facilities and apparatus at hand. If he is junior in service, he sits with two or three doctors talking and gossiping with them over cups of tea or soft drinks in the intervals and breaks. You can see any dutiful hospital doctor attending to a never-ending stream of patients.

It is surprising indeed to find this same doctor sitting in his private clinic in the evening making or “minting” money. There he is more attentive to and much friendlier with his “private” patients. Needless to say, this busy doctor does not have much free time for his family except for the weekend (weekly holidays). Medical activity is his habit and his second nature while family matters and children’s affairs are not much of his business. What a life!

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