Essay on Life in College Hostel

By | January 5, 2019

Hostel is an essential part of a college. Life in a college hostel is full of pleasures and charms. It is usually located within the premises of the college. It provides facilities only to those students whose parents live in remote areas. Hostel life is, undoubtedly, the most enthusiastic time of a student’s life. It is definitely a memorable period which cannot be forgotten during the rest of life. It plays a vital role in the development of the personality of the student: Hostel life provides many facilities to students.

In every hostel, there is a reading room containing newspapers and magazines of different kinds. A student can increase his general knowledge by means of this informative material. He can form a habit of reading in a learning atmosphere. Many students learn from each other through the process of pushing and pulling. Senior students help the junior students in their studies. Similarly, every hostel has a big common room, where students assemble daily in the evening and take part in various indoor games. There are annual games among the hostel students. Different prizes are given to the winners.

Hostel life gives practical training to a student in his mental, moral and spiritual development. He has to follow the rules made by the students themselves. All the students eat and play together at the fixed time. Nobody can leave the hostel without the permission of the Superintendent. Therefore hostel life gives practical training, punctuality, regularity and discipline. Hostel life builds self-confidence in a student. The students elect a mess manager every month to decide what to eat and how much to spend.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The most important advantage of hostel life is an opportunity to make new friends. Students belong to different families, having different habits. It also enables them to have a good understanding of different natures and minds. This practical training in human understanding proves very helpful in their practical life.

On the other hand hostel life has certain disadvantages. It is so expensive that most of the parents cannot afford it and refuse to give higher education to their children. A hostel student cannot enjoy the freedom and privacy which he can have at home. It is true that he is free to spend his time and money in any way he likes but he does not feel at home there. He cannot study or sleep peacefully according to his own will. Since the students are living away from the control of parents, they may waste their time and money.

Another disadvantage of hostel life is that students living away from parental control may join bad company. There are some black sheep also who live in different hostels and spoil the innocent students. Some students start smoking and other drugs addicts.

In spite of these disadvantages, the educational advantages of hostel life are greater. Most of the rich parents like to send their children to residential institutions. It is the duty of the student to remain honest towards his studies.

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