Essay on Importance of Scientific Research

Research means systematic (regular) or careful search for facts of knowledge or new facts in a subject. Research may be done:[tie_list type=”thumbup”]

  • To increase (add to our knowledge in a particular subject after having studied its basic details.
  • To discover new facts or invent something. Scientific research has these two aims in a very clear way.

Students of science start their research work after learning the basic details of their subjects. Thus, proper research work in the sciences is possible after B.Sc. or M.Sc. Students who are very devoted to scientific work (who do this with the effect of love) should get busy with research Scientific research is the highest form of scientific study. In it a student or scholar (person with great knowledge) of science concentrates on (gives particular attention to a definite field or branch of a subject. He may come to specialize in this subject during his research.

We should provide all kinds of research facilities to our science students and scholars. We should have a large number of laboratories with enough (all the needed) modern scientific apparatus or equipment for experimentation and research.

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In fact, scientific research is the basis of all real scientific, industrial and agricultural progress. Science students reading a new book on their subjects and performing experiments indefinite fields of study work for scientific progress.

It has been possible to make peaceful uses of nuclear energy through scientific research. Scientists did a lot of research to know the ways of using atomic energy in atomic reactors to produce electricity, run ships on the sea, etc. However, at first nuclear energy was put to destructive use after a great deal of scientific research.

It will be to the benefit of the entire world if scientific research is pursued for peaceful, constructive purposes alone.

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