Essay on Importance of Muslim Unity

By | January 10, 2019

The unity of Muslims the world over is the need of the hour. Only unity can bring them the glory that the world of Islam once enjoyed. Theirs will then be a third-world bloc (of Muslim countries) that may be as powerful as the capitalistic bloc or individual world powers like Communist China.

Muslims should be united in the religious field. Their belief in God and the Quran is the true basis for their unity. They should not allow the differences of sects (or classes) to affect it. The Muslims in all corners of the world have the same aims-to-live a good life in this world and to have a better life in the next.

The Muslim countries should try to make joint arrangements for their defense. Almost all of them are surrounded by powerful enemies. They can become a world power if they all come to have a joint defense system. Muslims will have to make tremendous (extraordinary) scientific progress to become a big military power. They need great scientists who can invent new weapons of war. They need modern science laboratories where they can carry out advanced scientific research. However, for this, they should have the scientific education of the highest order.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The Muslim countries should co-operate in the economic field as much as possible. It means that they should have common industrial and trade policies. One Muslim country may easily use the capital or funds of another richer country for setting up factories and industrial plants. The raw materials of one country can easily be used in another.

Politically, the Muslim countries should have common policies. They should support each other in world bodies like the United Nations (UN). They should offer full support to a country that has a 3 dispute with another country outside the Muslim world.

Muslims may have a world Muslim organization like the UN. Or they may have a Commonwealth of Muslim States. A secretariat of Muslim States. is no doubt functioning. It arranges summits or conferences of Muslim States in central Muslim cities. It also tries to bring them closer in the political, economic, and cultural fields. Yet, there should be a more powerful central Muslim organization with wider powers to bring their disputes or wars (like the Iran-Iraq war) to an end.

The people of one Muslim country should try to learn the language of another. There should be a free exchange of scholars, writers, teachers, scientists, and students between them. The radio, television, films, newspapers, and, magazines (the mass media) can play a useful role in bringing Muslims closer

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