Essay on Immigration – The Key to Success

When people come to live in a country, they are said to immigrate to it. When they leave a country to start living in another, they are said to emigrate to it. The advanced or developed countries accept immigrants for their purposes. When they find that the immigrants are growing too much in number to strain or upset their economies, they tighten their laws of immigration.

For a developing country like ours, where employment opportunities are shrinking, emigration to other countries is a way to success. We may look at the causes of this emigration from our country or immigration to other countries.

Firstly, for years our industrial and agricultural development has been on the decline. With a slowing down in the economic process of development, the people find it difficult to find new jobs or openings in business. They try to emigrate to countries where economic growth is high and the job situation is hopeful.

The question arises, how can we emigrate to the oil-rich or advanced countries for settling down or for a long stay? [the_ad id=”17141″]

In the present world situation, we have to keep a watch on the new industries and trades. If we educate and train our people for them, our workers will be in greater demand abroad. For example, the developed countries want to advance in the field of information technology as much as possible. If we produce graduates and postgraduates of the first order in computer and information technology, they can hope for immigration.

Further, we shall be acceptable to other countries if we can excel in the sciences and the arts in our own peculiar ways. Why can’t we be the best of teachers, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, economists, political scientists, sociologists, linguists (language experts) and writers if we try hard? Now is the time to make the best efforts to improve our learning and to excel in our respective fields of study and work. The results would be in our favour, and we would be in demand internationally.

In fact, the reputation of our people for scholarship, learning, and ability will have to be. established. Once we establish it like the Japanese or Koreans, there will no end to our migration to other countries for good. Then immigration into the wealthy, progressive or advanced countries will truly be the key to our future prosperity.

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