If I Were the Principal of My College Essay

By | January 6, 2019

If I Were the Principal Essay – 400 Words

“The Principal to us is what a great leader or ruler is to the nation.”

For me, it is only a dream to become the principal of a college. But I shall bring about some changes in the college if I become one. As principal, I shall, first of all, bring the best teachers to my college. I shall make a search for the ablest senior students and scholars who could. prove to be effective teachers. I shall have the latest books on all the main subjects of study in my college library. All the useful magazines and newspapers will be available there (could be readily had). I shall give special lectures to the students about the uses of libraries.

I shall pay special attention to the teaching of science subjects. I shall tell the students that science studies are most necessary for them. We need able and successful scientists as much as we need first-rate technicians and technologists.[the_ad id=”17141″]

My college will offer a lot of fee concessions to deserving students. I shall personally help the poor and bright students with books. I shall make arrangements to provide scholarships to needy and able student scholars. There will be a special fund in the college to which the parents of rich students, teachers, businesspeople, and industrialists will be asked to contribute (make payments).

I shall make every effort to make hostel life pleasant for the students. The rooms of the hostel will be kept clean. Healthful and pure food will be provided. There will be a central mosque where I shall myself offer prayers with the students. I shall have regular competitions of debating in my college. The best and promising (who may prove to be fine) debaters will be given prizes in the form (shape) of books and bicycles or motorcycles. I shall I make arrangements for the construction of a special block for our college building. It will be having about twenty classrooms and two big debating and art-exhibition halls. These will be used for the expansion of the college as and when the need arises.

Sports festivals will be a regular feature of my college. I shall make arrangements for more playgrounds as the land lying idle (or unutilized) in the surroundings can easily be turned into hockey, football and cricket grounds. At the same time, I shall get a gymnasium constructed. With God’s help, I shall change my college into one of the best institutions in the country.

If I Were the Principal Essay – 500 Words

The teachers, the taught (students) and the syllabus are three cogs of the machinery of education. Success of educational system depends on the teachers-the staff and the head of the college. The principal runs the whole show. He/she is like captain of a team. Without team-work the college can not function smoothly and systematically.

Students are the best judges of their teachers. The prevailing conditions in the colleges are not ideal. The relationship between the principal and the staff members is not that of subordination, but that of coordination. The principal generally thinks himself/herself like a boss. If I become the principal, I will restore the dignity of the team. Then there are cliques among the teachers. They exploit the students. Some flatter the Head to be in good books. It has bad effect on college discipline. I will try to break up the vicious circle.[the_ad id=”17142″]

As I find, the Head generally adorns the chair. There cannot be good and effective administration without active and whole-hearted participation of the Principal. He generally signs the papers or receives and sends telephone calls. Telephones are used for private and personal matters. The principal seldom takes the classes. The Head does not go on the rounds, check the students or the teaching. CR are generally prepared on second-hand information. The fruit that faces the sun ripens first. The clique enjoying the favor of the Principal gets appreciation and good remarks. Others are written down. This creates heart burning among the teachers. I shall try my best to stop this unhealthy practice if I get a change.

The present disorder and indiscipline among the students are the direct result of loose administration. I will try my best to keep in touch with the college. Some members of the staff do not take their periods regularly and neglect their duties. The principal is helpless. It is not an honorable practice. I will keep a strict eye on these practices and check them with the willing cooperation of the staff. We shall try to pull together.

For improving the teacher-taught relationship and restore teachers’ respect, I will make Teacher – Guardian Groups. Each teacher shall be Incharge of groups of students from 1st to the 4th years. He shall keep in touch with the parents. This shall achieve active cooperation of the teachers in all the activities of the college. Generally, teachers do the teaching and do not think it their duty to render help in the extra-curriculum activities games and sports debates, college function and maintenance of college discipline.

Extramural activities are as important teaching. At present they are being neglected as a whole. This retards harmonious development of the students’ personality. I will try to keep strict control on all the financial matters.

(In the end I will apologize, my principal and madams, · and sirs for casting aspersions. Sorry!)

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