Short Essay on If I were born again

Sometimes I have the desire to be born again into this world. Then I begin imagining (forming a picture in the mind of) what kind of person I would like to be if I really have another life.

I have done some very creditable things (bringing honor or good name) in my life. However, I have also committed mistakes like all human beings. If I come to have another life, I would surely like to do better.

Firstly, I would like to do some good things in my life again. I would like to obtain all the knowledge I have acquired (got) until now. I would like to form my good habits in life again. For example, I would like to have the habit of speaking the truth in all circumstances (conditions). I would like to have my habit of helping other people in difficulty. I would like to have the high aims I now have before me. I would once again desire to become a great writer, scholar (learned person) and leader of my people.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In my new life, I would like to learn some other languages besides (in addition to) English, Urdu, and Punjabi. For example, I would learn Arabic, Persian, and the Chinese language to get familiar with (have a good knowledge of) the cultures of the eastern countries. Then I would like to travel to many eastern and western countries. Thus, I would learn about the social, political and economic conditions in different parts of the world.

If I am born again, I would like to play some games that I have not played so far (until now). For example, I would like to play football and tennis.

I feel I have missed these in my present life. I feel it is rather foolish to have all the ideas about my life after a second birth. I may still live for a great deal of time in this world. It may be better for me to think about it more and make my life better here. The present is in my hands, the future is a dream.

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