Essay on Human Rights Violations

By | January 8, 2019

In fact, Islam in the 7th century laid emphasis on the equality of all men before God, the rights of slaves or servants, women and wives and the rights of all to enjoy their property and money freely and suitably. Later, democratic developments in England, France, and the US resulted in the form of a law guaranteeing the rights of human beings, democratic equality, and justice. The UN charter of human rights is again a repetition of their principles.

The most painful and shameful violations of human rights have recently taken place in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Bósnia, Chechnya and in various African countries.

Our Constitution provides for protection against the violation of most of the human rights. Yet, the rights continue to be abused through the length and breadth of the country. Besides the protection of the Constitution, we need to take some other urgent measures to ensure the non-violation of the rights.

Firstly, the common people should be educated in the shortest possible time to certain reasonable standards. The educated masses, then, would understand how to exercise their rights.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Secondly, all possible efforts should be made to bring about economic justice as early as possible. : The feudal (jagirdari”) system in the villages should be broken up speedily. Large landholdings should be taken away and the released land should be divided into medium-size units to be cultivated by poorer farmers with government help. The water resources should be put to the best use to the benefit of all.

Thirdly, in and around the cities, the businesses and industries should be induced (caused). to employ educated labor and pay them handsomely. Fourthly, the law of the land should be modified (changed) according to our changing economic, social and political needs. New laws should be framed to meet new situations. The future of human rights is brighter, no doubt in developed democracies, and as much darker, in the half-democracies, dictatorships, autocracies, and oligarchies (governments by small groups of powerful people).

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