Essay on Family Planning in Pakistan

By | January 9, 2019

The problem of overpopulation has become very serious. Many Asian and African countries are now faced with a kind of population explosion. Quite a few European countries and even parts of the US had been in trouble. These countries arrested this quick growth in population through family planning.

Family planning means controlling the size of the family. It aims at having a family in which the number of its members suits well its income or resources. It also aims at having a family whose members can live at ease in the house. Thus, a family with a low income and a small house should not have a quick increase in its children.

The developing countries stand in great need of family planning. It is so because their population is increasing much faster than that of the developed countries. Most of the families in them have limited incomes and small houses to live in. In the villages ordinary field-workers live with their families in small huts or cottages. In the cities labourers, workers in offices, banks, etc. also live in small houses. All such workers in the villages and cities are, in fact, more than 80 per cent of our population.

The head of a large; poor family often gets week and ill and old before time. It is so because he has to work very hard to meet the growing expenses of his “growing” family. He is all the time worried about them. His wife is equally worried about the food she has to cook and the clothes she has to sew and wash for the family. If her children are big enough, they can help her in household work. But, then they cannot study well. Fortunately (luckily), more and more families in the cities are feeling the need of having families of a proper size.

The Family Planning and Social Welfare Departments give useful advice to different categories of people about the advantages of a small family through posters, films, radio and television programmes, direct discussions, and so on. They advise them about the ways of controlling births of children. The Family Planning or the Social Welfare Department should inform them about the need for marriages above a certain age, especially in the villages We should have more parks, clubs and other places of recreation for the common people. The people will like to pass more of their time there instead of in their homes.

We should improve the living standards of the people by providing them better jobs with good salaries. As they earn more money, they will have more activities and enjoyments. For all this quick economic development of the country is essential (very necessary).

A family planning programme can be really successful if most of the people are educated. Educated people can easily understand and feel the benefits of family planning and the benefits of practising it. It is, of course, the need of the hour to educate our masses.

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