Short Essay on Our Examination System

By | January 3, 2019

Our Examination System Essay (500 Words)

Outlines for Examination System

  • examinations are necessary, but students are afraid of them

  • reasons for student’s fear of examinations

  • two systems of examination, the annual examination system, and the semester examination system (of sessional tests)

  • the use of unfair means in examinations

  • when examinations can become easy for students.

“Examinations are necessary to bring out what lies in our minds and hearts and our skill in answering all kinds of questions.”

Students are afraid of examinations for different reasons. First of all, they think that examinations are very difficult. They fear they may not be able to answer most of the questions in their examinations and might fail. But it often happens that a student in the examination hall finds his papers to be unexpectedly easy. Examinations are quite easy for a student who studies his books at least for some time every day. Examinations are a good means to test the ability of the student. It is through the answers he gives in his examination that we learn about his real ability. The preparation for an examination makes him able and efficient.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There are two systems of examinations. In one system, we have an annual examination. Students take this examination after reading the courses for one or two years. Students find this to be quite difficult. But, it helps them in having a full understanding of their books or courses The other examination system or the semester system is that of sessional tests. There are tests in classes after every month or every second or third month. The marks that a student gets in these tests are added up. There is, then, no need for the “total” annual examination so much. This system is easy for students. But often they cannot have a good understanding of their whole courses. It is said that teachers can practice favoritism in this system. This system does not work well in developing or corrupt societies.

The use of unfair means in examinations is quite common these days. Most students cannot study their courses regularly all through the year. When the examination gets near, some of them find that they can pass it by copying in the examination hall. Some members of the staff working in examination halls also accept bribes and provide facilities for copying. All this should be stopped forthwith for the sake of genuine (real) educational progress. Luckily, in some main parts of the country, we find more stringent (strict or severe) controls in examination centers than ever before. Examinations become easy if students work and study regularly. Then they will like to take exams and tests oftener.

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Our Examination System Essay (400 Words)

Examinations are of great use. Examinations are a means (way) of judging or knowing the ability of candidates. Good results in examinations are taken as a sign of knowledge and ability.

One important reason for the decrease in the importance of examinations is the teaching standards. Because of uncertain social conditions, our teachers, like the students, have not been able to attend to their work very well. Sometimes they had to cover long courses over short periods of time. Or they had to leave out portions of the courses to prepare students for examinations. Because of the absence of facilities of research or advanced studies, quite a few of our teachers, especially in the sciences, could not improve their knowledge adequately (suitably). All this affected the examination (and education) system very badly.

In our examination system, examinations of most of the classes are held once a year. In most of the schools, colleges and universities students are prepared for their annual examinations. This gives them a chance to study their books for a few months or weeks before their examinations. Quite a few students can easily neglect their studies for the greater part of the year. Only in some educational institutions, students have to do class or sessional work under the strict supervision of teachers.[the_ad id=”17150″]

In the 1970s, we experimented with the semester system of examinations. It was hoped that sessional tests after everyone, two or three months would, make our students more careful. The system failed because of overcrowded classes and absence of good teaching and library facilities. The present experiment with the semester system faces the same challenges. The effort of the authorities to introduce the objective system at the school, Intermediate and higher levels has met with utter failure.

The courses for our examinations should include (contain) the continuing developments in the arts and sciences around the world. That is, these courses should be made as much modern and useful as possible. In the arts, they should include proper details of our history, culture and religion and should be in agreement with our national aims and purposes.

All our examinations should be arranged and conducted honestly and efficiently. Examiners and persons responsible for the conduct of examinations should be men of ability and high principles. Then, the results of examinations should be declared as early as possible.

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