Essay on Drugs and their Dangers

By | January 10, 2019

More and more people have begun using drugs. like heroin, opium and marijuana (hashish) all over the world. The United Nations and other world organizations are actively trying to control the growth, supply, sale and use of drugs in different countries.

These drugs are mostly produced in two areas of Asia. One is called the “Golden Triangle” and it covers huge tracts of land in Thailand, Laos and Burma. The other area is called the “Golden Crescent” which covers Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. In Thailand, for example, marijuana is grown on quite a big scale and is exported to Australia, Canada and the United States. In our country the production of opium and heroin has reduced no doubt, but still it is quite high. These are illegally taken out to other countries by various agencies. In 1987, our government destroyed poppy crops over vast areas by aerial spray in the Khyber-Pakhtunkwa.

Young men and women, students and workers of all kinds in different countries have started using drugs. Those who start their use soon get into the habit of taking them regularly. The drugs affect their body and mind so badly that they cannot work properly. They need money to buy more drugs. And when they cannot earn much they either begin selling their things and property or become criminals. They can join gangs of thieves or robbers or terrorists. As drug taking becomes common, the society begins moving towards destruction.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The enemy can defeat the people of a country without firing a shot by making them fall into drug-taking habits. Something of this kind had happened in China where the western people had cleverly made the Chinese opium addicts (those who could not stop taking it). The Chinese Revolution brought all opium taking to an end. It is said that terrorists are sending drugs to Thailand and Malaysia from the “Golden Triangle.” While the terrorists gain money from drug smuggling, they also plan to destroy the societies of the countries finally, to overpower them. Thus, drug traffic (trade) is connected with international politics.

Almost all countries are trying to check the use of drugs. We are also trying to stop the smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan and their dispatch to other countries from here. There are heavy punishments for dealers in drugs. Thailand, Malaya, the Philippines, Indonesia etc. are co-operating to stop the movement of drugs.

It is high time the UN arranged a total prohibition of (ban on) drugs with the co-operation of all countries. At least in the field of drugs, there is international agreement.

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