Essay on Atmospheric Pollution (450 Words)

By | January 2, 2019

“Atmosphere pollution, like noise pollution, not only dirties our air and living, it also corrupts our minds.”

It is a fact that almost all of our big cities are polluted with smoke and gases. We burn so much of oil, gases, and chemicals that most of the time the atmosphere is greatly polluted. We have cut down trees to construct roads and buildings the result of which is less fresh air and more dirt. Let us consider some of the causes of atmospheric pollution and its negative results. First of all, over-population is its main cause. When the population increases fast, we reduce the forest area. With fewer trees, we have less greenery and freshness. We burn more oil and gas to cook, to travel and to live.

Secondly, the burning of chemicals and giving out (emission) of carbon dioxide and other gases in vast (big) quantities cause atmospheric heating and pollution. The air we breathe gets impure, and we fall ill easily. The carbon dioxide stops the sunrays from returning from the earth’s surface after reflection. This makes the earth hotter and makes storms, floods and dryness more possible. Further, it disturbs the ozone layer above the atmosphere badly. The disturbed ozone layer does not stop dangerous ultra-violet rays from reaching the earth.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thirdly, tons of garbage and industrial wastes are dumped (unloaded) underground or in rivers and seas. This results in insanitation (dirty living conditions), the killing of fish or sea animals or bad effects on their growth and the growth of sea plants. This also results in the poisoning of water. Falling oil from ships in the ocean, in addition, endangers the sea life of fish and animals. Now the atomic wastes thrown into oceans are a greater danger to all life. Fourthly, the different jarring sounds of machinery, flying airplanes and weapons in operation cause noise pollution. In the cities and industrial areas, especially, we feel the disturbing effects of the sound of moving vehicles, horns, machines, etc. The noisy crowds in bazaars and busy central places add to noise pollution.

We need to take immediate steps to check the different kinds of pollution. Population growth should be checked. Carbon dioxide and other gasés should not be emitted (given out) in huge, disturbing quantities. For this, too many vehicles should not be put on the roads and those giving out too much smoke and carbon particles should be taken off. Garbage and industrial wastes should not be thrown into rivers and seas in so big quantities, and so on. Atmospheric pollution is no doubt one of the major problems of our century without whose solution human beings, animals, birds, and plants cannot live and grow healthily.

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