Essay on An Unforgettable Character

By | January 7, 2019

I have seen some very strange persons in my life. The strangest or most unusual of them is-“Uncle Sam.” Some people call him Samu Chacha. I do not know whether people call him Uncle Sam for fun or just because he himself likes to be called so.

The fact is that this person is quite old, married, but still childless. He could have been the father of half a dozen children. Perhaps the absence of children has made him feel that he is young enough for a second marriage. He sometimes tells his friends that he may have a child some years later. But then,” Chacha, you will be too old, and so also your wife? someone remarks. Here comes the reply from Chacha: “Old, old, old. I will ban this word just as a political party is banned. I will ban any person who calls me like that, you see I am still young.”

Then Chacha stands up and begins walking up and down the room, pulls out his pipe and proudly smokes it like a third-class Englishman. At times, he takes out the pipe from the mouth, looks into it closely, and then strikes it hard against the heel of his hard shoe. Once he struck it against his head and cried hard. Sleeping children woke up and began crying in anger (began cursing him indeed).[the_ad id=”17141″]

Once I happened to visit Samu’s elder sister’s house. I was shocked to find that this rogue had taken away half of the house of that poor woman by fraud.

So Samu Chacha becomes a most unusual character. No one cheats his own sister. A student of literature once told me that two very unusual daughters of a king had cheated him thousands of years ago. These daughters were Goneril and Regan, Once I told him that he was like two very evil princesses, Generil and Regan. He replied, “So I am a royal person. I am a prince myself.”

Samu hates all those who in any way disagree with him. He thinks he is always right, and others wrong when they look the other way. In fact, people have begun hating him. Some openly say that he is burning in the hell of his own creation (making).

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