Essay on A Visit to an Industrial Exhibition

Outlines for A Visit to an Industrial Fair

  • industrial fairs contribute a lot to a country’s industrial and commercial progress visit to an industrial fair

  • description of the different stalls and goods at the fair

  • my idea of the country’s progress got through the fair

  • my desire to visit future industrial fairs.

“All fairs are enjoyable with chances to watch or buy the best produced by man.”

It was last month that I visited an exhibition (or fair) in Peshawar. It was an industrial exhibition. There were bright lights all around the exhibition. I entered it with some friends of mine. The whole place looked like a wonderland. Lines or rows of big showrooms and halls of exhibition on all sides were prominent. Huge posters on life-size models of machines and their parts decorated the entrances. From the distance, the industrial and commercial products in the stalls (open shops) looked very beautiful as they shone in the sun in their bright colours. At night, their beauty and charm of the products increased (became more) in the dangling electric lights.

As we entered the exhibition, we saw a big showroom for bicycles and motorcycles. A number of bicycles produced in some factories of Pakistan attracted our attention. I was surprised to see how beautiful and perfect they were. The next stall at the exhibition was for electric fans manufactured in our country. The fans of our country were even better than those produced in some advanced countries. At another stall were tube-well engines. Some details about the engines were written in bold letters on them. The most interesting part of the exhibition was the stall where the jeeps and cars assembled in Pakistan were exhibited. I saw some very fine vehicles, small and medium-sized in different colours.[the_ad id=”17141″]

There were some stalls where different varieties (kinds) of cotton and woollen cloth were exhibited. The cloth was excellent, of export quality as I was told. In one corner, machine and hand-knotted carpets were hung. It was really fun to see fine, colorful carpets hanging in a big showroom. The carpets and rugs were of different sizes and qualities comparable to Iranian and Afghani carpets. I tried to buy a large carpet for my bedroom, but found that I was short of money. On the seller’s suggestion, I bought a medium-sized rug at special discount.

I saw some other parts of the exhibition where other industrial products of the country like transistors, radios, televisions, fountain pens, sewing machines, motorcycles, surgical machines, computers, etc. were placed. I bought a CD player and a few pens from there that satisfied my taste for music and writing for years together. At the fair, I came to know how much progress my country had made in the industrial field. However, I also had a strong feeling that my country was not an “industrial power” yet.

I shall like to visit future industrial exhibitions to learn about our industrial progress that should be constant and fast. To learn about our true industrial and scientific condition and situation we should try to attend international industrial or trade fairs. There we get a chance of comparing our industrial and scientific progress with those of other countries.

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3 thoughts on “Essay on A Visit to an Industrial Exhibition

  1. It’s very relatable to an industrial exhibition, it is written very nice
    That was very helpful for me

  2. It’s very relatable to an industrial exhibition, it is written very nice
    That was very helpful for me

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