Essay on A Visit to a Village for Students

By | January 1, 2019

“Village life gives us the satisfaction of the heart and mind.”

village life is close to nature and is enjoyable. Village life is very different from city life. It is free from the troubles and problems we have in the city. We find village life to be quiet. No noisy factories run in the village to disturb us. The village is without the endless traffic of cars, buses, and motorcycles. The noises that we hear in the village are mostly those of birds and animals and of carts.

We find fresh and clean air around the village. It is free from the smoke of factories, buses and machines. There are open fields all around. We can breathe clean air.

Somebody has said so well:

“It is good to breathe fresh village air instead of city smoke.”

But the inner parts of the village are often not clean. Villagers work hard, but only during sowing and reaping seasons. The health of our villagers is generally quite satisfactory. It is so because they eat pure food and take a lot of exercises. They exercise in the form of manual work, walking over long distances and even games in the afternoon.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Villagers do not have many facilities that we have in the cities. In villages, we cannot find fine hospitals and proper schools. We do not find effective drainage systems. We do not have big shops and markets. Still, village life has it own charms. We do not find the show of wealth in villages, Village life is simple.

A poet has said well:

God made the country, and man made the town.”

The Outline for Visit to a Village

  • Village life very different from city life,

  • Free from the troubles and problems of city life

  • The quiet in the village, no factories and no traffic of cars and buses

  • The noises heard moving along dusty roads

  • Fresh and clean air free from smoke

  • Open fields all around the inner part of the village, however, not often clean

  • Villagers work hard during the sowing and reaping seasons

  • Villagers generally healthy and happy they eat pure food and take a lot of exercises

  • Villagers do not have many of the facilities of the city

  • But village life is simpler and happier

  • Many disputes in villages about land, property and canal water

  • Villagers are very angry about questions of honor and acts against traditions on the whole

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