Essay on A Village Fair with Outlines

By | January 1, 2019

“Fairs bring us close to our old traditions, social activities and likings of the people.”

I had a chance of visiting a village fair two years ago. It was real fun to be there. It was morning when I reached the village fair with some villagers. There was a great rush of people all around. Villagers were reaching there on carts, horses, donkeys and on foot. They were wearing clothes of bright colours, and they looked very happy. As I entered the fair, I saw many villagers singing love songs in groups. Some of them were dancing. Some were beating drums and crying in joy.

There were many small stalls (open shops) in lines. Villagers were selling sweets of different kinds, cooked fish, ice cream, etc, at those shops. I bought some sweets. Beyond those stalls were cloth stalls. Most of the cloth had been produced in villages. Toy stalls were also attracting our attention. I bought some toys for my younger brother.[the_ad id=”17141″]

As I went forward, I saw a snake charmer at the center of the theatre. A crowd of villagers around him was watching his tricks eagerly. He had a long fight with a long and big snake. Some jugglers were performing their tricks (or feats) near the snake charmer. They were jumping over ropes, walking through fire, changing the colour of water and lifting and pulling heavy weights.

I saw a strange horse show that shocked and surprised as well as delighted me. The fearless rider jumped off a fast running horse easily and then jumped on it readily. He stood up on the horse’s back and jumped up to catch a flying ball. As soon as he caught the ball, he easily landed on the horse gracefully (beautifully and pleasingly). All the spectators shouted and clapped endlessly.

As I moved forward, I saw a strange man with long hair surrounded by the villagers. He looked somewhat mad. There were three burning wheels hanging in a line. That longhaired man jumped through those wheels. He was shouting.

“I am Samu Chacha. Look at my hair. I jump through these wheels of fire without catching fire, but I am afire inside.”

[the_ad id=”17142″]I returned from the village in the evening. While returning, I was thinking of the cinema houses of my city that often gave us the same old, stale stuff, the same stories and incidents and jokes-nothing as new as the village fair.

Outlines for A Village Fair

  • Fairs reflect the social, economic and cultural life of a society

  • Happened to visit a village fair

  • A great rush of people all around

  • Villagers were singing love songs in groups,

  • Some were dancing, beating drums and crying joyfully

  • Many small stalls, toy stalls, etc.

  • A snake charmer with a crowd of villagers around

  • Some jugglers were performing their tricks

  • A strange horse show a strange man with long hair was jumping through burning wheels

  • I returned from the village fair in the evening

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