Educated and Uneducated Mothers (Short Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

“Isn’t it time for our uneducated mothers to get educated?”

Who will not like an educated mother who brings up her children wisely, suitably and in a planned manner? And who will not wish uneducated mothers to be well educated and trained for the good of their children?

First of all, an educated mother is clear in her mind about what can be useful and harmful to her children. Right from the start, she can plan and direct the lives of her children to lead them to succeed in life. She can help them to learn and remember new words as she talks to them in their babyhood. Then she can make them use those words in sentences, and they can learn to speak, talk and write intelligently before going to school. An uneducated mother, on the other hand, cannot teach new words easily. Nor can she help them to “speak, talk and write” so well.[the_ad id=”17141″]

And, when the children go to school, an educated mother can easily watch their progress in studies, help them with their homework and can give them new ideas. The quality of thought and work matters in all fields of human effort. An educated mother can, of course, improve this quality (make it better). An uneducated mother cannot be of any practical use to her children in their studies.

Secondly, an educated mother is cultured and well-mannered. Her children learn from her manners and behavior and themselves come to be rightly sociable. An uneducated mother, however well-mannered she may be, is generally not so much cultured and polished in her ways and behavior. Her children cannot be as much well-behaved as those of a thoroughly educated mother.

Thirdly, an educated mother can plan the careers or professional lives of her children in co-operation with her husband quite intelligently. She knows and understands their true abilities and capacities, and can advise regarding the professions they might profitably or suitably select. Apart from anything else, an educated mother can work in place of the father if he is absent for a long period of time. She can discuss with school or college teachers the class performance of her children. She can attend to her husband’s business, and so on.

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