Democracy Vs Dictatorship (Short English Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

True democracy cannot allow a dictatorship to come into being but false democracy paves way for it

Democracy is a system in which the people elect their representatives. The representatives of the people form (give shape to the government and the opposition.

Dictatorship is a system in which one person or one party or a group of parties rules over the people. The person who rules is called “dictator.” He does not allow others to say or do anything against him. He does not give political freedom to others. But he may bring about a quick change in the country for the betterment of the people.

General elections are held in a true democracy from time to time. The people can easily change their rulers by electing new ones. But in a dictatorship, the people cannot change the government so easily. Democracy is a better system of government than other systems. In it, people enjoy political freedom. They can criticize the government and change the rulers. For example, the people and their representatives in America did not like President Nixon to rule. They easily changed him and got a new President in 1974.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In a dictatorship, the people cannot openly criticize the government. They cannot easily change their ruler or rulers even when they are ruling unjustly or are corrupt. In.a democracy, newspapers, radio and television are quite free. The supporters of all the parties can express their ideas through them. But in a dictatorship, the government controls them.

Democracy, in any country, can succeed on some conditions. First of all, the people, in general, should be properly educated. Secondly, the people, in general, should be prosperous (well-to-do). Then their votes cannot be purchased. Thirdly, the people should enjoy the basic freedoms, for example, freedom of speech, freedom of publication, freedom to join a political party (of one’s choice), etc. Fourthly, there should be equality before the law. All the people, high and low and rich and poor, should be punished equally if they break the law. Democracy can be troublesome, and, in some cases, worse than effective dictatorship, if its people and leaders, are not educated and enlightened (with full knowledge).

Outlines for Democracy Vs Dictatorship

  • what is a democracy?

  • what is dictatorship?

  • general elections in a democracy

  • democracy a better system

  • democracy can succeed on some conditions like education of the people, their prosperity, enjoyment of the basic freedoms by them and equality before the law.

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