College Life and its Pleasures Essay for Students

By | January 3, 2019

Outlines for College Life and its Pleasures

  • Student life is full of pleasures, but has its responsibilities and also worries

  • the greatest pleasure is to make new friends

  • in colleges, students can take part in the running of debating societies and sports clubs-games and sports in colleges

  • enjoyments of the cafeteria

  • pleasures of the library

  • the first duty of students is to study regularly

  • secondly, students should learn good manners, respect for their elders and love for the young

“The activities, events, and studies in college life leave indelible (irremovable) marks on our memory.”

No doubt, student life is full of pleasures and joys. But it has its own responsibilities (duties) and also some worries (problems). First of all, a student normally depends on his parents or guardians. He does not earn for himself. Perhaps the greatest pleasure of student life is to make new friends. A student can have friends after his liking.[the_ad id=”17141″]

In a school or college, we have students’ societies and clubs to their advantage as well as disadvantage. There are debating and dramatic societies and swimming, mountaineering, boxing, and other clubs. In girls’ colleges, we also have sewing, cooking and other societies, which are suited to the students’ needs. Student members of all these society and clubs remain (keep) busy with activities that are enjoyable as well as useful.

Games and sports in schools and colleges are definitely the best of enjoyment and entertainment on earth. Who can forget the joy of playing a game on a cool summer evening or on a warm winter afternoon? Who can forget the light jokes that players make to each other during and after a game in the school or college?

Another pleasure of student life is to sit in the cafeteria and to have refreshments. Students enjoy talking over a cup of tea or a glass of cold drink. They laugh and shout and forget the passage of time in their joy. Yet another pleasure for a student is to sit in the library of his institution. There he can read newspapers, magazines and books and learn about the world.

Thus, the pleasures of student life are many, perhaps more than in any other field of social or intellectual activity. However, side by side with the pleasures, are some duties. The first duty of a student is to study regularly and to pass his examinations well.

Further, it is a student’s duty to learn good manners and to behave well towards others. An example of such behaviour is respect for elders and love and affection for the young. Student life is, thus, one of responsibility. But perhaps its pleasures are more than its duties. (Pleasures far outweigh problems and worries in school or college life.)

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