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By | January 2, 2019

My College Essay – 600 Words

Outlines for My College

  • why I joined this college

  • the area and surroundings of the college

  • science and arts blocks

  • teaching

  • discipline

  • debates and debaters

  • our college union games

  • swimming pool

  • hostel lie

  • conclusion about the college

“Colleges promote our knowledge, build character, enable us to enter different professions or to pursue further studies.”

I chose to join the Government College of the city. It is quite famous for its studies and sports. It is outside the main part (downtown areas) of the city.

Our college is spread over thousands of square meters. Perhaps ours is the largest college in the district. Our college building consists of (is made up of) two main blocks. One block is for science studies. It has about twenty classrooms. There are about eight laboratories for practical work in different science subjects. [the_ad id=”17141″]The other block of the main building of our college is for art students. It has about twenty-five classrooms. The college library is also part of this block. The teachers are generally able, and they teach in pleasing and effective ways. The Principal himself teaches some classes in Physics. Our college has had the best results in the district for several years.

The discipline of our college is quite up to the mark. In fact, the students respect their teachers. The teachers and the Principal treat the students with love. However, if any students disturb the classes, our Principal takes strict action against them.

Our college is famous for its debates and debaters. Nearly every third month there is a debate in the college hall on an important subject of the day. At least once a year, our college arranges inter-collegiate debates in English and other languages. The college has a number of societies for different purposes. The Historical Society, for example, every month holds discussions on historical subjects. It arranges tours of students and teachers to famous historical buildings and places. The English Society holds competitions on essay writing and poetry after regular intervals. Students from different colleges and even teachers take part in these competitions. The writers of the best essays and poems are awarded special prizes.[the_ad id=”17142″]

The Physics society arranges special lectures of scientists on atomic energy and other topics related to physics. The purpose of these lectures is to improve the practical knowledge of the students and teachers in physics. The Computer Society holds special functions in which the latest computers are displayed. Lectures of computer experts are also arranged in which the new developments in computer technology are explained. The other societies of this kind in the arts and sciences are performing highly useful functions. For this reason, our college has become famous far and wide.

In our college, games are played regularly. Our hockey, cricket and football teams are truly strong. Our college prides itself on its excellent swimming pool. We often swim in it in the summer. At times, there are swimming contests between other colleges and our college for which our swimming pool provides the maximum swimming area and facilities. The hostel of our college is quite big. About four hundred students stay in one hundred rooms. It has most of the facilities needed by them. Its food is well cooked and is inexpensive (cheap). We love our college in which common feelings and respect bind all the students and teachers together.

My College Essay – 500 Words

School is the place where we sow seeds of character. As we step into the college, we become more worldly-minded, emotional and self-centred. The doors of humanity are gradually closed on us. We become more hardened in the ways of Life.

A college has been called Alma-mater-the nourishing mother. The reputation of college is made or marred by its students, the alumni. It is the students that set the trends and build up traditions of learning, social behavior and discipline. Good institutions always respect and cherish their traditions. Such is the great institution – Premier College, my college.

The college saw the light of the day in 1966 as a private institution specializing in business education. It has been working in two slifts. The Premier, indeed, a leading institution is famous for its fine staff and good teaching. As for as the results are concerned, it had been on the top. The college functioned in three rented buildings in Nazimabad.

After nationalization in 1972, great changes have taken place. The college has now shifted into new campus spread over six acres. There are two shifts. I am in the morning shift. The college has two double-story wings. The building is beautiful and the class-rooms are spacious and airy. [the_ad id=”17150″]

There is a co-education in my college. The number of girls scholars has greatly increased resulting in separate sections for boys and girls. There are about 2000 students in the morning shift. Now the evening shift has become an independent unit. There are about 35 members on the teaching staff. The college has mixed staff. The number of lady lectures has now increased.

As it had been in the past, the teachers do not work as a team now. There are cliques. Political inclinations among the students and members of the staff have adversely effected both the teaching standard and college discipline. The teachers do not take the classes regularly. The students are careless in attending the classes seriously, and the majority runs truant. The open space in the campus now allows greater scope for extra-curriculum activities like games, sports, debates and college functions. But the students as a whole take little interest in them. A good library is a must for good education. The college has a fairly good library having about fifteen thousand books, mostly on commerce subject, Urdu and English literature. We have a separate reading room for the students. The college subscribes to various newspapers and magazines.

Students factions have destroyed the peace that is essential for sound education. The annual results are fairly good. The annual college magazine high lights the attainments and the achievements of the students.

The college unions are banned due to growing confrontation among the students. I have been studying in the college for last three fears. Better team work among the teachers and sense of better co-operation, discipline, and habit of serious studies, can restore the glory of the college.

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