An Interesting Incident of My Childhood (Essay)

By | January 7, 2019

Some experiences in our lives are worth remembering. I shall always remember one that I had in January last year when I went on a picnic.

Some of my classmates and I went on foot to an orange garden some four miles away from the city. It was perhaps 8 in the morning when we started with some packets of food in our hands.

It was really a very enjoyable journey through a valley to the garden. There were beautiful hills around, covered with green trees and fresh lovely plants. Walking over delicate wooden bridges across the streams and singing songs of joy, we reached our picnic point.

For some time, we enjoyed eating oranges bought from the gardeners around. We sat in the sun on a grassy plot for an hour or so talking amid joking with each other. Suddenly.clouds appeared in the sky and a cold wind began blowing.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Now our most trying experience began. As we were walking back to our city through the beautiful valley, it started raining. As walked faster, the rain got more intense (stronger). Along with the rain came hail(frozen raindrops), And now the rain had developed into a less severe hailstorm. I suggested it would be most suitable if we took shelter under thick trees or even in some cave.

We saw a cave and entered it. Inside we found an old half-naked bearded man sitting and trembling (shaking from weakness and cold). At first, I was afraid, and we all wanted to turn back, but he called us in. He looked mad. His eyes were shining like two candles. He said people called him Chacha Samu.

An hour later, the storm ended. We paid some money to the beggar, and, in fact, left him all that we had-eatables, wallets, purses.

I can never forget the above experience. It häs taught me the value of courage in the face of the greatest danger. Perhaps more than this, the picture of Chacha’s unforgettable personality is part of our minds for all time to come.

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