500 Words Essay on Begging

Outlines for Begging

  • Begging is now a profession or industry in our country

  • reasons for begging and for the existence of a whole army of beggars

  • how begging can be brought to an end

“Begging in the end, after all, kinds of progress should be limited to begging before God Almighty.”

Begging is a profession and an industry in Pakistan as it is in some other developing and poor countries. It is such an organized institution now that few of us can easily tell who is a true, deserving beggar and who is a false, undeserving one. The reasons for begging and the existence of a whole army of beggars in our towns and cities are not difficult to enumerate (name one by one).[the_ad id=”17141″] First of all, quite a few people in our society avoid work and hard labor. They think and try to get money and things from others through fraud, cheating, falsehood, and cleverness. When stealing and cheating is not so easy or possible for an ordinary person, he starts begging for it. He puts different reasons forward. For example, he says that his children are dying of hunger and disease and he needs money. Or he has lost his job and has now fallen seriously ill. Or he poses as a blind man or one with a broken leg or hand, and, so, asks for immediate help.

Secondly, some people cannot get proper employment with suitable wages. Others do not pay them properly for their work. To meet their expenses they start begging in one way or another. At first, they get ordinary things from others like cigarettes, books, pens, chairs for one excuse or another. Then they start borrowing money. In fact, progress from borrowing to begging can easily be seen. So shameless the above perspective (going to be) beggars become that they go to their relations, friends and even strangers begging for and demanding money in a hundred-and-one way. [the_ad id=”17142″]Thirdly, well-organized associations and societies of beggars are in existence that gets hold of helpless children like orphans from orphanages, mosques, and shrines and cut off parts of their bodies (limbs) and trains them to be beggars. Those associations divide city areas and important places like mosques and shops among themselves and assign begging jobs to their agents.

Healthy and sturdy (strong, fit and healthy) women holding their children in their arms and begging car drivers and well-to-do people on the roads is a common sight these days. When you ask these women to work for money instead of begging, they mind it very much and continue their begging activity with greater force.

We would suggest that there should be an immediate halt to population growth first of all. Secondly, the government and private parties should set up huge factories at as many places as possible to put this big beggar force to work. Thirdly, for invalid or physically deformed beggars, there should be special schools and production centers where they can make towels, socks, curtains, carpets and the like and earn their living honorably.

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