1st Year English Poem 7 (Times) Summary & Short Questions


These lines have been taken from the poem “Times”.


Time is the most valuable resource. Time is the key factor behind all laws of Nature. There is a time for every season. There is a time to be born and die, and to plant and pluck the fruit.


In real life, sometime we have good times and sometimes bad times. At times we are happy and at times sad. Sometime we enjoy good health and sometime we suffer from a fatal disease. Sometime our business prospers and sometime it badly fails. Sometime our dreams are shattered and we start crying. Sometimes we have a lucky success and we are so happy that we start jumping and dancing. In another dimension we see different shades of life. Sometime we destroy old buildings and sometime we rebuild them. We destroy them because their life has ended, and they are no longer safe to live. So we cast away their stones. And later when we need we start the rebuilding work. We gather the scattered stones to complete this task.

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