1st Year English Poem 6 (A Sindhi Woman) Summary & Short Questions

Q: What kind of picture of Karachi slums do we get after reading the poem?

Slums do not generally give a very attractive look. Poor people live there, and therefore they are neglected. They are not properly cleaned and maintained. Karachi slums are no different. Stones are scattered here and there. There is no specific place to dump the garbage. Bits and pieces of household items and shopping items are found in every nook and corner. The place is not properly cleaned. Therefore, nasty odour disturbs the people.

Q: Describe the qualities of Sindhi Women.

The majority of men and women in Sindh, as in other provinces, are poor. These women, therefore, have to work hard to earn their bread. The beautiful women generally work in a dirty environment, but they never lose their grace. Apart from physical beauty, they are gifted with a youthful spirit. Their gliding movement is simply fascinating. At times she has to do rough physical work, but still she walks delicately with the rhythm of a dancer’s feet. She is patient and hardworking. She never loses self-respect. She knows how to hide her emotions from others. Unfavorable circumstances have made her stronger and maturer. She has learnt to face the odds in life with sheer grace and dignity.

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